Lionel Messi Legend


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    But legends live forever 


’It is said that is easier to get
a new wife than to change the club you support, and that is correct
’’. Pep
 Guardiola demonstrates
his loyalty to the club who have been part of his life for most of the last 30

How much a sport can frustrate you? I had no idea before I start to watch
football and being a Barcelona fan. I’ve been a Barcelona fan for live and I
can tell you it’s so hard to even breath when your team is playing horribly.

I’ve been through all this and I can tell you, I’ve been sad, I’ve sad
depressed, and I was anxious for the last few years because of a damn football
club. But every time after a bad performance I said to myself that it can get
even worse, but my club always proved me wrong. I don’t even have words to
explain and you couldn’t even imagine I mean the kind of s**t that makes a Muslim consider drinking alcohol.

Ever since barca’s humiliating 8-2 defeat against Bayern munich in the
champion league it’s never been same, for fans, for players, for club’s
management and for Barcelona itself. The club hit the rock bottom and it feels
like they are becoming the new milan.

‘’With great power comes
great responsibility’’
stan lee. Barcelona’s
board is under great criticism by media, by fans and by their greatest asset
who has the biggest name in the football world. ‘lionel Messi’ the greatest
player of all time is now wanted to leave the club that he loves the most. You,
as a fan may wonder what could go wrong, but you always know. You know it was
the board who let down many of its legends, and now, they are letting down messi
too. The club did a horrible job for past few years. They were without any
solid planning, they were with no sporting project. How you gonna win if you do
nothing, if you just wait just for a miracle to occur. You can’t win like that
even with the best player in the world. They may have the best player, the myth,
even with that power, they weren’t so good to take the responsibility of it.
They ultimately remain accountable for it but it doesn’t matter if you can’t do
any good with the great power you have so it’ll be good if you let it go.
That’s not how you treat legends, that’s not how you treat leo messi (who is
arguably the best footballer in the world). The board is threatening the
biggest player in Barcelona’s history just save face. Levels to this, as if
ruining the entire club wasn’t enough. As a Barca’s fan its hard breaking, it’s
devastating but it always occurs to me that my club will rise again, it will
find its glory again.

You live for an average of 70
years but you if leave people something to remember you by then you shall live
. As a messi fan he gave me so much happiness through football and great
memories. He made me fall in love with this beautiful game and i wish him the
best for wherever he goes because no matter what he will always be remembered
as a barca legend.


–  QZ