Premier League:Matchweek, hat-tricks

Premier League:Matchweek1,hat-tricks

 Mohamed Salah

Egyptian king and Liverpool star player Muhammad
Salah is the 8th player to be added in this list, who score hat trick in
opening weekend of the premier league. Mohammad Salah scored a hat-trick
against Leeds United on the first day of the English Premier League’s new
season 2020/21. He scored the first goal in the 8th minute when Leeds player
James committed a foul and umpire awarded a penalty to Liverpool. Mohamed Saleh scored the second goal in
the 33th minute of the match, when the Liverpool 
player, Robertson lifts a free-kick into the box
the ball reached to the Saleh. He first
controls the 
ball, then finish beautifully and scored
another beautiful goal. The 
drying time of the match was going
The scores of both the teams were equal. Once
again, the Leeds player made a mistake in the penalty area and umpire once
again awarded 
a penalty to the Liverpool. Liverpool took the full advantage of that penalty and star player of Liverpool
Mohamed Saleh takes that penalty and scored the goal. 
With the help of this goal Liverpool won the match 4 – 3 and
Saleh complete his 
hat trickAfter scoring hat trick against Leeds united Muhammad
Saleh become Liverpool’s first and 8th Premier League player to score a
hat-trick in the opening week of the season.

Matchweek1 Hat Trick 

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba was the last player to score a
Matchweek1 hat trick in premier league before Muhammad Salah. He scored a hat trick
against West Bromwich Albion F.C way back in 2010/11.

Mick Quinn was the first player to score a matchweek1 hat trick.
1993/94 season first match between Arsenal vs Coventry City. In this match Mick
Quinn scored a brilliant hat-trick and he single handily won the match for his
team. The Final score of the match was 3-0.

Matt Le
Tissier was the 2nd player in premier league history who scored 
a Matchweek1 hat
1995/96 season, Matt Le
Tissier scored 
a hat trick with the help of two penalties for
Southampton F.C against Nottingham Forest F.C but his 
hat trick didn’t
the match and Southampton lost the match.
Nottingham Forest won the match 4-3 despite 
a hat trick of Matt
Le Tissier.

In 1996/97 Premier league season, 2
players from different teams scored hat tricks in Matchweek1. Kevin Campbell
scored hat trick for Nottingham Forest F.C against Coventry City F.C and lead
his team a 3-0 victory. In same
season Fabrizio Ravanelli also scored 
a hat trick for Middlesbrough against Liverpool, but his hat trick saves only
his team from losing. Liverpool also scored 3 goals at the end of 
the matchthe score line was 3 -3 at the end of the match.  

Dion Dublin another player who score
hattrick in premier league Matchweek1.In 1997/98 he scored all three goals
against Chelsea F.C and lead Coventry city F.C 3-2 victory.
After 10
years gap Aston Villa F.C player Gabriel Agbonlahor scored Matchweek1 hat trick
against Manchester City F.C. 2008/09 matchweek1 Gabriel Agbonlahor scored hat trick
and lead his team 4-2 victory

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