‘Don’t joke with that one’ – Pogba defends Ibrahimovic against racism allegations


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allegations that Zlatan Ibrahimovic may have used racist language against
Romelu Lukaku were squashed by Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.

last night’s Coppa Italia quarter-final, there was definitely plenty of drama
as Ibra and Lukaku clashed just before half time, with the pair exchanging
plenty of insults. A provocative remark was made by the Swede, but a clever one
relating to Lukaku’s history, and never xenophobic.

Pogba jumped on Twitter to the defense of his former team-mate, saying:
“Zlatan… racist? He loves me so much to be the last guy I can think of
as a bigot! Come on, don’t joke about it! “Said he

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the main talking point after the match was the clash
between the two former Manchester United forwards
, which resulted in
both players being shown a yellow card by referee Paolo Valeri.

can reportedly be heard saying: “Go do your voodoo sh*t, you little
donkey. Go do your voodoo sh*t. Call your mother!” Lukaku can then be heard
responding: “Well, let’s go inside you b*tch. We will see.”
to Football Italia, Ibra’s “voodoo” comments
were related to a suggestion made in the past by Everton owner
Farhad Moshiri.
2018, representatives for Lukaku denied that the player’s decision to
reject a new contract with Everton had
anything to do with “voodoo,” following a suggestion by Mr Moshiri at an
Everton AGM.
Swede’s words have been called racist by some, prompting him to deny
the claims with a post on social media.
Zlatan’s world there is no place for racism! We are all the same race – we are
all equal! We are players. Some better than others,” the
Swede posted.
has also leapt to his former team-mate’s defence with a post of his own on
racist? He loves me too much so he’s the last person I’d think of as racist!
Come on, don’t joke with that one!” the France star
Tuesday’s match, AC Milan head coach Stefano
Pioli said Ibrahimovic “apologised to the dressing room”
the clash with Lukaku and the sending off. 
victory saw them progress to the semi-finals of the Italian domestic cup
competition, where they will face Juventus.


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