The Time Sergio Ramos Schooled Lionel Messi With An Outrageous Tackle

Image By Getty | Goal

Sergio Ramos turns 35 this month, and there’s no better way than celebrating what many described as the ‘perfect tackle,’ when he stopped Lionel Messi last year.

Ramos is without a doubt one of the best defenders in recent memory, if not the best, regardless of your feelings about his shithouse tactics.

Although the Real Madrid captain has a long list of accomplishments, a game only a few months ago could have featured his best personal defensive moment.

Ramos made the most incredible tackle on a rampaging Messi in the Clasico back in October, as the six-time Ballon d’Or winner seemed to be charging through on goal in injury time.

Ramos captured the ball with his leg flicked out behind him, despite the fact that his rival seemed to be well ahead of him.

This tackle from Ramos to stop Messi 😮🔥😎

— Karthik (@karthik2102000) October 25, 2020

Everyone knows Ramos is an amazing player, but I feel like people don’t like to admit just how amazing of a defender he is – look at that tackle on Messi,” one fan said on Twitter at the time.

Another tweeted, “Does anyone have a pic of that Ramos tackle? It deserves to be my wallpaper,” and quite frankly who can blame him.”

The moment came as Ramos was making his 45th appearance in the Clasico, which is a record one above Messi and it was certainly a hell of a game for him.