Insane New Angle Of Lionel Messi’s Copa Del Rey Final Goal Shows How Amazing It Is


Image Credit- sportbible

A unique angle of Lionel Messi’s incredible goal as Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao to win the Copa del Rey shows how special it is.

Barcelona was 2-0 up against Athletic on Saturday when Messi and his teammates combined a dazzling, free-flowing move that tore their opponents apart.

This view from behind the Athletic goals shows the seamless movement and passing at its best, as Barca takes the ball from inside their half to the back of the net via Messi’s left boot. Absolute perfection.

This view of Messi’s goal.. INSANE

— J. (@MessiIizer) April 17, 2021

Messi starts and ends the move, picking up the ball in his half, avoiding a tackle, and laying it off to Sergio Dest. The full-back plays it back to Messi, who’s off and running.

A pair of one-twos with Frenkie de Jong follow as Messi barely has to break his stride before finding himself one-on-one with the defender in the box. Once some Messi magic wrong-foots him, the finish is simple. 

If you missed this it’s worth a few seconds of your time. Messi, with help from @DeJongFrenkie21 scoring one of the best goals I’ve ever seen. No one can do this stuff. No one.

— Gary Lineker 💙 (@GaryLineker) April 18, 2021

Football made easy. Why does anyone else bother?

— Ritwik Khanna (@ritwikhanna) April 17, 2021

This can only be scored on fifa. Wtfff is this human

— Meraj (@maerajahmed) April 18, 2021

Makes it look like school playground

— David Grant (@Granty_10) April 18, 2021

He knows when to accelerate, deccelerate, pass, dribble, shoot, score. He knows football. He is football in its purest form. THE GOAT.

— Jay-B✪ (@TweetsByJayB) April 18, 2021

It’s liquid football – and this camera angle shows all of the moving parts working together in perfect harmony.

Barcelona ended up winning the match 4-0 to lift the trophy. Antoine Griezmann broke the deadlock on the hour, and De Jong quickly added a second before Messi’s sublime goal made it 3-0. 

As I tweeted about a week ago, the true definiton of specialness regarding a football player starts way before the ball hits the back of the net. It’s in everything that happens before that too.

From the moment the artist picks up his pencil to start his artwork.. 🎨

— 𝐀𝐅𝐂 𝐀𝐉𝐀𝐗 💎 (@TheEuropeanLad) April 18, 2021

 Barca’s No 10 finished the scoring, and naturally, every one of his teammates wanted a picture of themselves and Messi with the Copa del Rey trophy post-match.

The victory meant the first silverware of Ronald Koeman’s time in charge and – while most would argue that Barcelona is not the jaw-dropping, all-conquering force they were under Pep Guardiola or later Luis Enrique – they can still score crowd-pleasing goals like no other side.

As this sensational view of Messi’s goal in Seville on Saturday showed.

Image credit: PA Images

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