Adriano Claims Free-Kick Against Real Madrid Was Hit At 105mph, Beating A World Record


Adriano had a ridiculous power shot in his locker and it helped him become one of world football’s most feared strikers.

Former Inter Milan teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic once called him the most talented he’s ever played with.

“I played with players that I saw was a talent. But the one I felt could do it longer was, and he didn’t do it, was Adriano,” said the Swede during an exclusive interview with SPORTbible.

“When I came to Inter Milan, the first thing I said to the president was that I demand to play with him because he is the player I want to play with.

Zlatan talking about the most talented player he’s played withπŸ‘‡

“When I came to Inter Milan, the first thing I said to the president was ‘I demand him to stay’ because he is the player I want to play with.”

Happy 38th birthday, Adriano. πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

β€” SPORTbible (@sportbible) February 17, 2020

“He was an animal. He could shoot from every angle. Nobody could take the ball from him.”

Now you’ve got an idea of how brilliant Adriano was during his time in Milan, we’ll jump into this incredible free-kick against Real Madrid.

Back in August 2001, Inter played Los Blancos in a friendly at the Bernabeu and in that game, the powerful Brazilian produced one of the most deadliest shots we’ve ever seen – smashing a free-kick into the top left corner.

It stayed hit… how does one man generate that much power?

Check it out below.

Please choose your favourite camera angle for Adriano's free kick against Real Madrid, 17 years ago tomorrow

— Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) August 13, 2018

Adriano has since opened up about that free-kick in a feature on Inter Milan’s official website, claiming that his free-kick travelled an incredible 105mph.

“I arrived at the Bernabeu. I was wearing Inter’s shirt, Real were the opponents. It was like a dream.

“I didn’t need anything more. I went onto the pitch and didn’t think about anything, I played as if I were on that dusty field in Vila Cruzeiro.

“I worked, I played with skill, I did everything. I won a free-kick and the bench said I should take it.

“Do you remember the left foot that used to train on the street and at home, the one that drove my mother crazy?

“I introduced him to the world with that free-kick. They said it was going 105 miles per hour!”


The current official Guinness World Record, set by Francisco Javier Galan Marin in 2011, is 80.1mph.

That just says everything you need to know about this incredible free-kick from the Brazilian.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube