David Alaba’s Real Madrid Contract Details Have Been Leaked


David Alaba’s contract at Real Madrid has been leaked, and it reveals that the former Bayern Munich star will earn nearly £100 million whilst at his new club.

Alaba’s contract at Bayern Munich expired at the end of last season and he confirmed a move to Real back in May, joining the Spanish side on a ‘free transfer.’

Those ‘free’ moves never actually cost nothing, with higher wages and a higher signing on fee always offsetting some of the money saved from no transfer fee.

Now details of Alaba’s contract have been leaked by Der Spiegel and they show exactly how much the Austrian has cost Los Blancos.

According to the report, the 29-year-old will earn a whopping £376,000-per-week for the five years he’s signed on to, which equates to £98 million.

Alaba played for Austria during Euro 2020. Image: PA Images

On top of that money, the versatile player was also given a £15.1 million signing on fee and agent Pini Zahavi has also earned himself £4.4 million in commission.

It’s not just Alaba and the man who represents him that will benefit from the move, with the player’s family being given £5.4 million for an unspecified reason.

All that means that the deal will cost La Liga giants Real a grand total of £122.9 million, which is bit more than ‘free.’

Admittedly it is a bit harsh to lump all of that together as all deals with a transfer fee come with wages and a signing on bonus, but they’re usually less when a fee is involved.

As is the way in Spain, the 10 time Bundesliga champion has been handed a massive release clause of €850 million, which will be a hell of a profit if the club do sell him…

Alaba certainly collected a decent amount of trophies during his time with Bayern. Image: PA Images

Of course all that money that Florentino Perez has handed out to the new signing comes in the same year that the Real president claimed his team couldn’t afford signings.

Perez, who was recently caught up in a scandal insulting club legend’s in old recorded conversations, said his team couldn’t compete without the European Super League.

That came after claiming the whole competition was being set up to help ‘save football’ and benefit the ‘smaller’ clubs.

Next summer Perez and Real will be hoping to go all out to sign Kylian Mbappe also on a ‘free,’ and are reportedly ready to hand him a £40 million signing on bonus and no doubt huge wages too.

Like lunches, there’s no such thing as a free transfer…

Featured Image Credit: PA