Leonardo Bonucci Says He Would Hug Wembley Steward Again


Leonardo Bonucci is ready to meet the steward who confused him with an Italy fan once again, and is hoping for another hug.

On Tuesday night Bonucci was an integral part of Italy’s win over Spain on penalties in the Euro 2020 semi final at Wembley.

The Juventus centre back was one of four Azzurri players to step up and convert their spot kick, with only Manuel Locatelli missing.

Italy had the pleasure of taking the penalties in front of their fans and when they won the crowd went wild and Bonucci ran over to celebrate with them. A steward tried to stop him getting back on the pitch, thinking he was a fan.

The 34-year-old managed to get past the woman, who was doing her job pretty well, and he’s now said he can’t wait for the next encounter.

“I hugged her and she was a bit cold, if I meet her again I hug her again,” the centre back told Gianluca di Marzio.

That moment when a steward thought Leonardo Bonucci was a fan trying to enter the pitch 🤣#ITAESP #EURO2020 pic.twitter.com/nSfoLJsGVH

— DW Sports (@dw_sports) July 6, 2021

This was funny last night. Bonucci ran towards the crowd to celebrate. A steward thought he was a fan and tried to stop him getting back on the pitch. He gave her a hug @SonySportsIndia pic.twitter.com/JpDu2wGUTV

— Andy Mitten (@AndyMitten) July 7, 2021

There has been lots of talk about England playing a majority of their games at home in the Euros, although Italy did play all three of their group games in Rome too, but that doesn’t worry Bonucci.

Speaking about the final, the vice captain said, “We will play at England, but that doesn’t scare us . We only think about playing football and having fun, the rest is just talk.

“On the pitch there will be the best show for football from Italy, England and the referees.”

Bonucci celebrates in front of the fans. Image: PA Images

“Victory on Sunday would be a great confidence boost for Italy and for the entire football movement,” the defender added, “for us and for the federation.

“Don’t do conspiracy, let’s just think about playing football, not about the rest.”

As well as talk about England reaching the final because they’re at home, something echoed in Spanish press, there was also another conspiracy.

One outlet claimed England’s controversial penalty, which won them the match against Denmark in the end, was given because of Boris Johnson speaking out against the European Super League.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Twitter