Lorenzo Insigne Is Responsible For A Word In The Italian Dictionary After Euro 2020 Heroics


Lorenzo Insigne is responsible for a word making it into the Italian dictionary following his quality performances at Euro 2020.

The Napoli man featured six times and scored twice as Italy won the competition earlier this month.

Insigne caught everyone’s eye with his phenomenal strike in Italy’s 2-1 win over Belgium – a curling effort with his right foot.

But did you know that technique has a name in Italy? Per Football-Italia, it has become known as the ‘Tiraggiro’ which crushes together ‘tiro a giro’ – curling shot in Italian.

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An official definition for ‘Tiraggiro’ is now in the Treccani (Italy’s version of the dictionary) and translates to: “Tiraggiro sm (fam.) In football, shooting around, done by hitting the ball in order to give it a strong effect to return.”

Not a bad summer’s work for Insigne who is now a European Championship winner and scholar… potentially.

The 30-year-old’s strike against Belgium was an absolute screamer and he told UEFA it’s a technique he regularly practices.

He explained: “I think every single player in the team played an incredible game tonight. I always try that shot, in games and in training. I’m happy it went in. It was a great goal but I repeat, we all won together tonight.”

Lorenzo Insigne brilliant winner vs Belgium is one of the goals nominated for the UEFA Goal of the season Award.

EURO 2020 QF Belgium vs Italy pic.twitter.com/kYWCyNC7VB

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On the club front, Insigne has been linked with a move away from Napoli this summer with his contract due to expire in 2022.

He’s expected to stay for at least one more year however, despite reportedly wanting a pay rise.

It’ll come as no surprise that another player has managed to will a whole new word into existence.

Lionel Messi has an adjective dedicated to just his brilliance.

It was announced back in 2013 and is “inmessionante”. So, what does it mean?

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1.) The perfect way to play football, an unlimited ability to self-improve.

2.) Describes the best player of all time.

Simple enough to remember, really.

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