Cristiano Ronaldo Once Scored An Incredible ‘Volley Penalty’ That Still Defies All Logic


Cristiano Ronaldo once scored a remarkable ‘volley penalty’ for Real Madrid after practicing it in training as a youngster.

Back in 2018, the Portuguese superstar stepped for a spot kick in a Champions League clash vs Paris Saint-Germain and dispatched it perfectly.

Alphonse Areola had no chance in the PSG net and that could be down to Ronaldo’s unique and quite extraordinary technique.

Just before striking the ball, Ronaldo managed to make it bobble in the air before firing home with venom.

Many have debated in the years since if ‘CR7’ actually meant it or if it was actually a fluke.

Rio Ferdinand provided punditry on Madrid’s 3-1 in that evening and insists Ronaldo practiced that penalty technique while at Manchester United.

The former England international explained: “He used to do that in training, you know. I’m not saying he did it there but he did used to do it.

“I swear to ya. Crazy. He used to do it.”

INews spoke to John Eric Goff, Professor of Physics at Lynchburg College in the USA to nail exactly how Ronaldo’s ‘volley penalty’ works.

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“Ronaldo’s right boot makes contact with the ball, which is approximately one centimeter off the main part of the pitch (though the ball is still tickled by a blade of grass),” Professor Goff begun.

“My height estimate is an upper limit based on the ball having a diameter of about 22 centimeters.

“Ronaldo’s left boot clearly does not make contact with the ball. It looks to be about 13 centimeters from the ball when he kicks it.

“To me, this ‘black magic’ looks like the contact force from his left boot initiated a pressure wave in the turf, which then transferred some of its energy to the ball. The ball could move upward if the turf could crumple slightly under the ball.

“Was the ball placed at a fortuitous location on the pitch? Sure! Did anyone know that ahead of time? I’ve no idea.

“Was Ronaldo thinking that he could get the ball to pop up slightly? I’ve no idea.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s “volley penalty” explained:

[The Sun]

— TCR. (@TeamCRonaldo) February 17, 2018

It was a fitting moment of brilliance for Ronaldo during his final campaign in the Spanish capital.

Madrid would win the Champions League that season after overcoming Liverpool in the final and Ronaldo joined Juventus later that year.

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