Danish Referee Falls To Knees After Making A Huge Mistake


A Danish referee dramatically fell to his knees during a game after realising that he had made the wrong decision and potentially cost one of the teams a crucial goal.

Nils Heer, who was officiating a second tier league game in Denmark between FC Fredericia and Vendsyssel FF, was involved in the incident that has consequently gone viral on social media.

Credit: Twitter

During the first half, FC Fredericia had started a counterattack as they were 1-0 down, yet their attacking midfielder Kristian Kirkegaard was fouled on the edge of the box.

As the referee blew his whistle, he didn’t notice that Kirkegaard had already laid the ball to a fellow teammate who was set to take on the opposition goalkeeper.

After making this mistake, Heer produced an incredibly honest response and sunk to his knees after realising that he had potentially cost the team a crucial goal.

This Danish referee didn’t even try to disguise the fact he messed up big time not playing advantage here 🤦‍♂️👏pic.twitter.com/ycesowcOns

— FUN88 (@fun88eng) August 23, 2021

This hilarious moment has been largely well received from fans on social media as many have acknowledged the honesty of Heer.

One fan said: “Good on him. He’s human, he made a mistake. He recognised it immediately and, by the players’ reactions, they knew he knew it.”

Another person added: “Look how the players reacted, the ref said I made a mistake and they all understood. I’d love just one of the Premier League refs to do that. Instead we get Lee Mason and that West Brom Brighton game.”

However, whilst one fan acknowledged the honest of the referee’s actions, they said: “Wow!! Mixed reactions. I’m glad the referee admitted to seeing his mistake of not playing the advantage. But if I was the ref I don’t care how wrong I was I’d never fall to my knees.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter