Lionel Messi’s Used Tissue From His Farewell Press Conference Goes On Sale For $1 Million


Whether it’s retro Barca jerseys or new swanky PSG kits, Lionel Messi merchandise is going through the roof right now.

But it seems one piece of memorabilia in particular has caught everyone’s eye.

And with a $1 million price tag attached to it, you can imagine it’s probably pretty fancy and super rare.

Well, not exactly.

For a whopping $1 million, you can get your hands on Messi’s used tissue from his emotional press conference where he bid farewell to Barcelona after a decorated 21 years with the club.

That’s right, a soggy old tissue.

Credit: Meikeduo

The random (and frankly gross) item has now been listed on an international auction site for a small fortune.

According to reports from Complete Sports, an unnamed man was sitting in the front row of the press conference and somehow managed to pick up the tissue that Messi had discarded after drying his eyes.

Thinking that he was sitting on a gold mine, the bloke then posted an advertisement up on international e-commerce website Meikeduo.

Credit: PA

The guy clearly wasn’t mucking around either and stuck a hefty $1 million price tag on the tissue too because apparently it “contains Messi’s genetic material”.

According to the seller’s caption online, the potential suitor willing to fork out all that cash can then use said “genetic material” to “clone” another footballer like Messi – yes, really.

By the looks of things, the ad is still live with no one willing to put their hand in their pocket – wonder why?

What is it they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?

Featured Image Credit: PA