Liverpool Fans Furious With Mohamed Salah VAR Decision After Bruno Fernandes Call


Fans online have slammed the decision to cancel out Mohamed Salah’s goal against Burnley following Bruno Fernandes’ strike against Leeds last weekend.

The Manchester United star bagged a stunning hat-trick in his side’s 5-1 victory over Leeds in their Premier League opener.

His third goal stood despite him being potentially offside – though VAR allowed the goal to stand.

But some Liverpool fans aren’t happy with the consistency of VAR after it scratched off Salah’s first half effort on Saturday.

He slotted home with his trusted left peg after being slid in by Harvey Elliott.

Image: PA

Though match referee Mike Dean ruled out the goal following a review.

Needless to say, the incident at Anfield sent social media wild.

One tweeted: “That Bruno goal from the long ball by Lindeloff was more offside than Salah, why was it never checked and similar VAR Lines drawn like today?”

A second wrote: “If Bruno wasn’t offside last week for his goal then Salah‘s goal should have counted.

Where’s the ‘thicker’ lines for offside!! Salah’s right forearm offside! At least let there be daylight for the attacking team!! The people who run VAR are the only thing thicker this season!!!🤬🤬🤬

— Bobby 1971 LFC (@bobbysmith1971) August 21, 2021

People seriously comparing these two saying they’re both offside? FT frustrates the hell out of me 😂

Tbf, even the Salah one I saw people say it was a toenail, which would give the advantage to the attacker… It’s a clear as day offside 😳😂

— SammyDoDa (@SammyDoDa_) August 21, 2021

Who knows when ball was played cant even see it
thats why you need margin for error

It was offside but

the burnley line has been drawn from the players arse

salah’s line is from shoulder

why not just have line from furthest back leg or head?
body parts you score with#LIVBUR

— . (@r1h33l) August 21, 2021

If Salah was offside, so was Bruno for his 3rd goal last week…I need those lines every game Premier League..not just some games….#LIVBUR

— Tinkyaw KoKo (@cuteboy5787) August 21, 2021

With this new offside rule officials have the luxury to pick and choose which team to favour. Last week’s United goal was similarly close but given

— Jayant Singh (@JaySinghLFC) August 21, 2021

Comparing Bruno possibly being offside to Salah, be sure to look at a photo of when the pass is actually played, not while the ball is in flight #LIVBUR #MUNLEE #LFC #MUFC #VAR

— Robbie Walsh (@RobbieWalsh89) August 21, 2021

I don’t really understand the new benefit to the attacker VAR thing, despite quite enjoying it. Was that Salah one much different to the Bruno one last week, for eg?

— Adam Crafton (@AdamCrafton_) August 21, 2021


— Husam👑 (@DonHusam6) August 21, 2021

Bruno onside last week but Salah gets chalked off for an armit.. VAR back to its best. Wankers

— ‏عديل (@786Adil786) August 21, 2021

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Featured Image Credit: Premier League