Paris Saint-Germain Sold More Than 150,000 Lionel Messi Shirts In Seven Minutes, The Numbers Are Staggering


If you somehow managed to grab yourself a Paris Saint-Germain shirt with the name ‘Messi’ plastered on its back this week, then fair play. You are definitely quick off the mark.

Why, you ask? Well, it has emerged that the French club sold more than 150,000 Lionel Messi shirts in the space of seven minutes, according to Spanish outlet AS.

And with the cheapest men’s shirt with Messi on the back being priced up at €158, it is believed shirt sales alone brought in an estimated €23.7million of online sales.

The queue outside the official PSG shop at the Champs-Élysées to buy a Lionel Messi shirt. (🎥@RemyBuisine)

— Get French Football News (@GFFN) August 11, 2021

That being said, with the discount of women’s and children’s sizes being considered, the amount will likely be lower but still. That’s a serious amount of money in such a short space of time.

It certainly makes his two-year contract with a net salary of €25 million-a-year look worthwhile, although the shirt sales won’t go directly into PSG‘s pockets.

The Ligue 1 side signed an agreement with Nike until 2032 that means the club receive €80 million upfront each year rather than a percentage cut of final sales.

AS also report that Barcelona have lost multiple sources of income with the departure of their star player, with shirt sales being a big factor.

In fact, according to Brand Finance, Messi’s departure could end up costing the Blaugrana €137 million in brand value.

They estimate a loss of €17 million on matchdays, as well as a whopping €43 million when it comes to lost merchandise sales – not to mention commercial and sponsorship opportunities, with the club potentially looking at losing €77 million in business revenue.


According to Brand Finance, Messi leaving Barcelona could cost the club €137 million in brand value. They would lose €77 million in business revenue, €17 million on match days and €43 million in t-shirt and merchandise sales.

People thought he was the financial problem 🤐

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“Messi is synonymous with the Barcelona brand and has been the club’s talisman since bursting onto the scene 15 years ago,” Hugo Hensley, Head of Sports Services at Brand Finance, said.

“His presence at the club has no doubt allowed it to attract additional fans, better players, managers, commercial deals, and win silverware. His departure can cost the club as much and result in a painful brand value decrease.”

Featured Image Credit: PA