Fascinating Video Shows How To Defend Against Romelu Lukaku, Leonardo Bonucci Executed It Perfectly

Rio Ferdinand provided expert analysis to explain how Leonardo Bonucci kept Romelu Lukaku quiet during their Champions League meeting.

Juventus beat Chelsea 1-0 on Wednesday, with Lukaku not getting a sniff on his return to Italy.

Bonucci brilliantly pocketed the Belgium international, with Ferdinand detailing his defensive masterclass in a fascinating video.

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The former Manchester United man hailed the Italian’s showing, highlighting his ability to give the Blues striker space and avoiding being touch-tight.

Bonucci kept his distance from Lukaku to avoid the player’s trademark roll.

The 34-year-old was extremely watchful in defence to limit Lukaku and stayed clear of battling and diving into him.



A brilliant display by Bonucci, who laid down the blueprint to defend against the 28-year-old star.

Antonio Conte, who managed Lukaku at Inter Milan last season, also spoke on his performance against Juve and claimed Thomas Tuchel doesn’t know how to best use his £97.5 million man.


He said: “I think he can still do better, above all with his technique.

“He is already at a very high level, but a player must keep improving until the day he retires.

“During the game, there are moments when Lukaku needs to be turned on, but other than that he is one of the toughest forwards to play against, because he can do damage in any area of the pitch.

“If you have a centre-forward like that, you need to use him and I don’t think Chelsea have quite figured out how to use him yet.”

Image: PA

The ex-Chelsea boss added: “Last season, they didn’t have a proper centre-forward, so they rotated positions, whereas Romelu is a real reference point in attack.

“If they can figure out how to use Lukaku, then Chelsea can become the team to beat in the Champions League this season.

“A coach is good if he can improve players. I think we did great work with Romelu over two years.

“He is a very specific striker. Bringing Lukaku into the box, he is dangerous. However, when he starts from midfield, he is incredibly quick. It is very difficult to find a player who is both a target man, but can also run from midfield.

“These are also characteristics I can see in Erling Haaland. I had been tracking Lukaku for a very long time and wanted him when I was at Chelsea, even when he was at West Brom.”

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