Manchester United will reap the rewards of re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo, making more than £30 million with in the next 12 months with sponsors lining up to get a piece of the cake.

That’s according to Dr. Rob Wilson, a football finance expert at Sheffield Hallam University, who believes the signing could signal the beginning of Manchester United dominating English football once more, saying to global businesses ‘Now is the time to get involved with United.’

“You have here a match made in heaven. Commercially, Manchester United did big deals 10 to 12 years ago and they are beginning to expire.” Wilson said: “Of course, they don’t have a training ground sponsor currently. My view is that their sporting performance has been sufficiently poor that they have not been able to generate a deal that represents what they feel their training ground is worth. So, they have not signed one.”

United fans at club megastore

Its an interesting point. Manchester United haven’t won a trophy since 2017 and have in recent years been overshadowed by rivals Manchester City and Liverpool who have recently won the Premier League. Now with Ronaldo back in their squad and the interest in a younger generation of football fans interested in following the player, rather than the club, this could aid in the club finding such thing as a training ground sponsor which in today’s game is an important revenue source. Again, rivals Liverpool’s base is sponsored by AXA whilst City train at the Etihad Campus.

Omar Chaudhuri who is the Chief Intelligence Officer at the football analytics organisation, the Twenty First Group believes it may not all be a quick turnaround and that shirt sales may not be a solution to recuperating the £18 million plus fee paid for the 36-year-old.

“Adidas pay a licence fee to reproduce shirts and it is highly unlikely that United will see any immediate proceeds of the additional shirt sales produced by signing Ronaldo. It is not about shirt sales now, but at some point, United will be renegotiating a long-term kit supplier contract and the fact that Ronaldo is going to bump shirt sales up 20 per cent or more is really going to help their negotiating position. The current deal with Adidas runs until 2025 and is worth £75 million per year.”

Ronaldo will be pushing 40 by then but you just wouldn’t rule out him still playing and if he is, the legacy he has created through his career could indeed see United dominate on and off the field through the commercial revenue the club will be able to produce.

Ronaldo is sponsored by Nike

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/Man Utd


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