A lad got a telling off from his boss after he caught him playing Football Manager while on shift.

Some people love FM so much that they simply cannot go without playing. A groom once brought a laptop to their wedding, DJs have managed while manning the decks and a bloke once got stuck right into a save while his partner was giving birth.

And now there is another priceless tale to throw into the mix after Ben from Melbourne, Australia, went viral for getting a little too into his Norwich City save.

“I used to work at this bottle shop and my manager sometimes needs me to cover his staff if they can’t work,” Ben explained to SPORTbible.

“So, as I’m doing him a favour, I don’t really care if do something wrong.

“Basically he just looks at the cameras live whilst I’m working and he saw me using the computer constantly playing a game, so he sent me the live feed from the security cameras, telling me to do work and stop playing FM.


Bored while working, as often can be the case, Ben decided to download the management simulation game during his last shift.


It took 20 minutes to download and get up and running. Then, someone deleted FM off the work computer.

But the game files remained and it meant when he turned up for his shift on Friday morning, he was still able to assume his responsibilities as Norwich manager.

All was going well until the boss of the discount bottle shop caught him on CCTV. The first time he didn’t see him, but Ben wasn’t so lucky the second time.

“My initial reaction was I really don’t give a s**t, because I’m doing him a favour by covering his own lazy staff and I just want to enjoy a seven hour shift playing Football Manager,” he added.

“But I did stop playing and did some work, unfortunately. I filled the shelves with as much beer and premix as possible, unwillingly.

“I thought it was pretty funny that I got caught, and it wasn’t red handed, it’s not like I was trying at all to hide it haha!”

Ben has been playing FM for nearly eight years now and believes it is “one of the best games out there in terms of its perceived similarity to life”.

He enjoys improving teams with better players, namechecking Luton Town, West Ham and Stuttgart as teams he has taken charge of.

And though he had to halt his progress with Norwich to get some work done, the newly created save will be continuing.

“Well as I got on with my work, I’m only two games into the 20/21 championship season, a 1-2 away win and a 1-1 against Preston at home.

“I saved it and uploaded to the cloud, so hopefully I can keep playing my historic save.

“I’m not far into the save at all but should get promoted easy!”

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