Kylian Mbappe showed a ruthless side in Paris Saint Germain’s 2-1 win over Metz on Wednesday night, trying to score instead of giving the ball back when an opposition player was injured.

With just under ten minutes from time, Metz suffered an injury and put the ball out of play.

PSG were expected to give the ball back in a sportsmanlike gesture as Metz had possession.

But with the scoreline at 1-1, Mbappe appeared to have other ideas.

Instead of softly playing the ball the back and playing fair, he attempted a lob from around 40 yards that forced goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja to scramble and pull off a fine save while backpedalling.

Mbappe then cracked a smile that was almost evil and devilish, well aware of what he had just done.


Mbappe was in the mood for winding up Ligue One’s bottom club at the Stade Saint-Symphorien it seemed. When Achraf Hakimi bagged a dramatic 95th minute winner, the Frenchman taunted goalkeeper Oukidja as he ran past him.

That incensed the Algerian, who darted over to confront Mbappe as he celebrated with his teammates.

Neymar jumped to his teammate’s defence and pushed Oukidja over in a crazy end to the game.



Post-match, Oukidja was still absolutely furious and tried to go after Mbappe while other players stepped in.


Metz manager Frederic Antonetti, who was also sent off for protesting a red card shown to captain Dylan Bronn, was critical of Mbappe’s conduct and called for him to be more humble.

“Kylian Mbappe had better behave differently if he wants to be loved,” Antonetti said, as per The Mirror.

“I adore this player, he is very, very strong, but he would benefit from showing more humble behaviour.

‘”n the game he had been non-existent. It happens when he cannot find space.”

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