Cristiano Ronaldo’s days at Real Madrid really were something else.

After he set the world alight during his first spell in the Premier League, he then went and burnt it to ashes during his time at the Bernabeu.

Records fell like flies as Ronaldo redefined what we thought the beautiful game was.

He drove Real to an unprecedented period of success that saw them win four Champions League titles – three of those on the bounce.

However, while Ronaldo often stole the headlines, the Madrid teams he played in were littered with some of the most talented footballers of their generation.


Naturally, Ronaldo formed electrifying partnerships with all of them, but perhaps none were quite as special as the way he dove tailed with Mesut Ozil.

At the peak of his powers, Ozil was one of the most creative players on the planet and, with Ronaldo dashing and darting in and around him, it was a match made in heaven.

Sure, Ronaldo did enjoy some of his most prolific years at Los Blancos, but you you can’t deny that his connection with Ozil was nigh-on telepathic.

If you still need convincing, however, well then we have got the perfect video for you.

Thanks to some handy work from YouTube channel ‘Nero7Official’we can look back at those days that saw Ronaldo and Ozil tearing up La Liga with frightful ease.

Just unreal. Seven minutes of pure football filth.

At times, it looks like everything they are doing is scripted beforehand and simply can’t be something they’re making up on the spot in the heat of a top-level football game.

Sadly, the duo would be broken up when as Ozil swapped Madrid for London with a move to Arsenal.

Initially, Ozil was exceptional, once again showing his immense creativity in the English top flight.

It would all end on a sour note, however, as Ozil fell out of favour at the Emirates, saw his playing time virtually eliminated, before eventually being shifted out the door.

He now plies his trade down in Turkey with Fernabahce where he has struggled to replicate his form from his days in Europe’s top leagues.

However, that simply can’t change the objective fact that Ozil was and always will be one of the most technically gifted players of his generation.


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