Avram Glazer embarrassingly got a simple Cristiano Ronaldo fact wrong when giving an inspirational speech to students in America.

The Glazers are hardly the most well liked people at Old Trafford, and the Manchester United owners aren’t exactly heard from too often either.

They were forced to apologise for their part in the failed European Super League project earlier this year, through an open letter from Joel Glazer, and the same member of the family was part of a fan forum following the disastrous PR from that stunt.

Fans pretty much never hear from older brother Avram, but a group of students in America did, as the 61-year-old gave an inspirational speech to athletes at his old university campus in Tulane, Louisiana.

“To be good and to win, is not easy, there are a lot of good athletes and it is very competitive,” the Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner said, before using Ronaldo and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady as examples.

Fans protested against the Glazers following the Super League fiasco but have been showing dissent against their ownership for years. Image: PA Images

However, when discussing the United number seven, Glazer couldn’t even get the forward’s age right at the time of his move to Old Trafford, claiming the five time Ballon d’Or winner was 16-years-old when he joined and not 18.

“Cristiano Ronaldo joined us when he was 16 years old – from the day he joined Manchester United, he was the first person at practice and the last person to leave practice.

“Great athletes are not just born great but they have to work extra hard and they try their best, you have to be as focused as possible and try to achieve what you can achieve.”

Whilst it’s hardly the worst thing a Glazer has done during the families time in charge at Old Trafford, it is yet more embarrassment around their knowledge of the club.

Ronaldo’s ability as an athlete, and work ethic when it comes to his job, are extremely impressive without needing to be made sound better that he was so young when he was at United.

Perhaps what’s even more impressive is how hard he’s still working at 36-years-old and that he continues to be so important for Glazer’s team, returning 12 years after leaving in 2009.

Without his two goals against Atalanta in the Champions League recently, as well as the winner against Villarreal in an earlier gameweek, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s position at the club would be in an even worst state.

Perhaps some fans would argue that’s one of the few bad things the Portugal forward has done for the team…

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