Kyle Walker was left baffled by a journalist’s question involving a ‘Bernard Mendy’ during Manchester City’s pre-match press conference ahead of Wednesday night’s Champions League clash against Club Brugge.

Walker faced the media alongside his manager, Pep Guardiola, but was left puzzled when a reporter began to ask questions about a player he’d never heard of.

The journalist asked Walker: “Just wondering what the competition is like for you going up against Bernard Mendy for the right-back spot, and does Bernard push you all the way? I hear he’s a character as well?”

Walker turned to Man City’s press officer and asked: “Who’s that… Mendy?”

Asked by City’s press officer if he could clarify who he was talking about, the reporter replied: “Just in consideration of the right-back spot going up against Bernard Mendy for the position. Does he really push you for that spot? And I hear he’s a bit of a character around the dressing room as well…”


Walker asked the press officer: “Doesn’t he play for PSG?”

The press officer intervened again, telling the reporter that he might have been a bit confused.

The reporter, however, was adamant that he had the correct player in mind.

After more awkwardness, the press officer finally said: “I think we’re a little confused, so we’ll leave it there…”

Video: Kyle Walker’s awkward ‘Mendy’ press conference

Watch the clip here:

How bizarre.

There was a French right-back called Bernard Mendy, now 40, who played for PSG in the 2000s before retiring in 2016.

Perhaps the reporter was referring to Ferland Mendy, the 26-year-old France international who plays for Real Madrid… at left-back.

Or maybe he was thinking of Benjamin Mendy, the French left-back who remains on City’s books but is currently being held in custody ahead of a trial facing multiple charges for serious crimes.

Whatever the explanation, it was all rather embarrassing from the reporter concerned and it’s hard to imagine he’ll be getting future invites to City press conferences.


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