Xavi was officially unveiled as new Barcelona boss today in a joyful ceremony at the Camp Nou.

Fans cheered as the former-midfield maestro was presented on the hallow pitch, before signing his contract to raucous applause.

It could prove to be a watershed moment for the club after years of wayward wondering on stormy seas.

With Lionel Messi steering the ship, they just about managed to stay on course but, after his summer departure, the outfit simply fell apart at the seams.

Now, Xavi will be hoping to right the ship as he takes his role at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

His opening press conference was certainly encouraging, as he answered questions with grace and certainty.

He was very intentional about making it known that he is under no allusions as to the gravity of the task ahead, but is looking forward to the challenge at hand.

When asked about his potential tactics, Xavi was adamant that he won’t be venturing too far from the Barca way.

“We understand the game as a positional game, we can’t change our system. We want to press high, we want to recover the ball in our opponent’s half, we want to be an intense team, we want to create chances.


“I am not discovering anything, that’s Barca’s DNA. An intense team, trying to give our all on the field and we are Barca and we have to try to win every single game.”

He also highlighted a desire to dive deep into dressing room dynamics as he looks to address confidence issues within the squad.

“My idea is to help them, there is a lot of pressure at Barca. There are some players pointing out this pressure. I experienced it as a player and sometimes it’s difficult to manage it.

“Psychologically, we are going to work with them, individually, as a group, we are going to help them, that’s my main objective, personally and professionally.”

He was inevitably asked about Lionel Messi as well, answering in the manner of a seasoned pro:

“I am a great friend of Messi. He text me and wished me the best of luck. I also want the best for him. He is the best player in the history of football, but he’s not here.

“We have our players who have to make a difference on the field and we cannot think about the players who are not here.”

He was also quick to outline that, while he might not be military strict, there will be certain rules he expects his players to abide by.

“Well it’s just to follow some rules like in any company, like in any club. When there have been rules in our dressing room, things have gone well, and when not, they have gone badly.

“That’s really clear, so yeah, we’ll implement rules and they will have to follow them.”


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