There aren’t many footballers in the world quite like Leonardo Bonucci.

For close to a decade now, the Italian stalwart has been a world-class defender and an on-pitch leader for both club and country.

Bonucci has won 17 major honours during two separate spells with Juventus and was one of the main men behind Italy’s triumph at Euro 2020 in the summer.

The 34-year-old is still going strong as well and looks like he’ll be able to continue operating at the highest level for many years to come.

What makes Bonucci such a great footballer is his unwavering desire to win.


Like his partner-in-crime Giorgio Chiellini, the elegant centre-back will do whatever it takes to achieve victory – even if it means putting his body on the line.

When it comes to passion for the sport, few players in the world can rival Bonucci and that’s been further highlighted in the recently released All or Nothing documentary that focuses on Juventus in 2020/21.

In one of the scenes, an irate Bonucci takes aim at his teammates in the dressing room after a lacklustre 45 minutes against Benevento.

His speech was so terrifying that even Cristiano Ronaldo was virtually lost for words, the Manchester United superstar simply adding: “He’s right.”

Take a look at the incredible footage here…

Video: Bonucci lost it with Juventus teammates in dressing room vs Benevento


You wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Bonucci, would you?

The likes of Arthur Melo and Federico Chiesa looked very sheepish during the Italian defender’s verbal tirade, which is understandable to be honest.

Sadly for Bonucci, his riveting speech in the dressing room didn’t help turn the game in Juventus’ favour.

In fact, things got far worse after the half-time interval. Adolfo Gaich scored for Benevento in the 69th minute to earn the minnows a famous 1-0 victory in Turin.

That crushing defeat effectively ended Juventus’ chances of winning the Serie A title for a 10th straight season, which ultimately cost Andrea Pirlo his job at the end of the season.


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