Jack Wilshere Reveals Moment He Nearly Quit Football As He Continues To Look For A Club

Jack Wilshere has described what nearly made him quit football for good and that he’s given himself a January deadline for his future.

Wilshere was considered one of the great talents of his generation but injuries have played a major part in his career not going according to plan.

The former Arsenal midfielder has been without a club since the end of last season, after his contract with Bournemouth ended, and he’s so far struggled to get many offers.

He is currently training with Mikel Arteta’s first team, and unlike Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, is even in Dubai for the club’s training camp.

However being without a club nearly led the former England midfielder, who was in the squad for the 2016 Euros, nearly led to him quitting football, after days when he’d just lie in bed.

“I was in denial,” he told the Daily Mail, “I did a TV interview in August and was asked about getting a club. I said, “Yeah, hopefully something in the next week or so.

“It just went on and on and I slipped… I don’t want to use the word “depression”. There are many people in worse positions.


“But I had depressive, negative thoughts. I would lie in bed until midday, not even sleeping, just arguing with myself. What am I training for? Who am I doing this for? I was lost.

“I started my coaching badges but I wasn’t involved with any club. I would just sit around all day. I even missed Jeremy Kyle when it got cancelled! That is the closest I’ve been to quitting.”

Wilshere played in the Championship last season. Image: PA Images

There had been some talk on the internet that Arsenal should sign their former star up to play, especially when they were short of players and had to postpone the north London derby.

He believes he’s still good enough to play in England’s top tier but won’t make a decision on what to do until the end of the current transfer window.

“Yes. I’m confident I could deal with the physical side and have an influence,” Wilshere added.

“I always said when I went back to Arsenal that I would make a decision about my next step at the end of January. When you’ve been out the game, you never know which way it will go.

“But it has convinced me that my playing career isn’t over. The manager is top class, and I wouldn’t still be training with the first team if I was bringing the standard down or couldn’t keep up.

“I can still beat a man, and these are top players. That’s a sign, for me, that I can still do it and want to keep doing it.”

Wilshere last played in the Premier League for West Ham. Image: PA Images

Being out of contract does mean that the 30-year-old can sign for anyone even when the transfer window is closed, so there’s no rush for him.

Currently no Premier League clubs are interested in signing the midfielder but he is hoping to get a Cypriot passport, through his wife, which would mean a move into the EU is easier.

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