Never forget when Jose Mourinho dropped one of the coldest interviews in PL history

Jose Mourinho changed the entire face of the English football landscape when he arrived at Chelsea in the early 2000’s.

The enigmatic Portuguese fireball transformed Chelsea from Premier League also-rans to a continental superpower in what would prove to be one of the club’s most fruitful periods ever.

Mourinho’s revolution took the Premier League well and truly off guard as he built a team that was nigh-on impossible to break down.

The Portuguese managed to wrestle back a stake in the Premier League dominance that had, up until then, belonged almost exclusively to Manchester United and Arsenal.

However, with a Champions League title during his time at Porto under his belt, Mourinho knew what he was capable of and wasn’t about to let anyone tell him otherwise.


In moments of criticism early on his Chelsea days, Mourinho was defiant, and never was that more evident than in an interview that recently resurfaced in the halls of social media.

When he was asked if he was beginning to feel the pressure as Chelsea pushed for their second title under Mourinho, the managerial legend offered one of his coldest responses ever.

“I’m not feeling the pressure, no”, he quickly responded.

“You can not put pressure on me. No chance. No chance. I read a lot of time this week that I have a lot prove in English football.”

Mourinho, with a typically obstinate expression on his face, then dropped the real bomb

Mourinho then left the interview in the knowledge that he had said everything he needed to say in the sort of eloquent way only he was capable of.

Sadly, we just don’t see this side to Mourinho anymore.

During those early days, he was easily the hottest property in management but as the years have gone on, his near-mythical aura has waned.

Difficult spells at Manchester United and Tottenham have certainly damaged his reputation and he now finds himself trying to turn things around at Roma.

However, whatever his current fortunes might be, there can be no doubting that Mourinho during his first spell at Chelsea really was just something different.


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