On this day in 1995, one of the most infamous incidents in Premier League history took place.

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona kicked Crystal Palace fan, Matthew Simmonds, in the middle of a match after being sent off. He was subsequently banned by the FA for nine months.

No matters how many years pass, it’s still a crazy moment to watch.


Of course, the match was slightly overshadowed after that.

If you were wondering, it finished 1-1.

David May had given United the lead in the second half but Palace equalised through Gareth Southgate with 10 minutes remaining.

We’d love to have been a fly on the wall in that dressing room at full time. Just imagine how ballistic Sir Alex Ferguson must have gone at Cantona.


Well, according to one man in that very dressing room, not very ballistic…

Instead, former United player Lee Sharpe claims that Fergie went mad at quite a few players while opting for a softer approach for Cantona.


His story is pretty legendary.

VIDEO: Lee Sharpe’s epic story of how Fergie reacted after Cantona’s kick

“The manager comes in and he’s absolutely fuming,” Sharpe said. “The door smashes off the back of its hinges. The jacket is off, he’s got the short sleeves rolled up; steam coming out of his ears and frothing at the mouth.

“There’s benches in the middle of the room with shirts and balls to be signed. Cups of tea and plates of sandwiches. They’re sent f****** flying everywhere.

“We’re getting scalded and getting egg sandwiches down the back of our necks. We look at each other, thinking, ‘F****** hell, Cantona is getting it here!’

“And then he starts, the manager. ‘F****** Pallister, you can’t head anything, you can’t tackle. Incey, where the f*** have you been? Sharpey, my grandmother runs f****** faster than you! … You’re all a f****** disgrace.

“Nine o’clock, tomorrow morning, I’m going to run your f****** balls off in training. F****** shocking. And Eric…. [in a softer tone] you can’t go round doing things like that son’.”


But if you think Sharpe is massaging the truth a little for a good story, May’s version of events are very similar.

“The manager is ripping heads off everyone…,” May said. “Big Pete (Schmeichel), Big Pally, myself, Sharpey, Paul Ince. He had a go at me for their equaliser. He said, ‘who the hell was marking Southgate?’. I said ‘Eric’.

“He turned round and said ‘Eric, I am disappointed in you. You can’t be doing those things’. I thought ‘Is that it? Is that it?!’ Any other player would have been given the hairdryer. I just got the hairdryer off the gaffer for not marking someone I shouldn’t have been marking.”


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