Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez noticed a mistake in the statue commemorating Diego Napoli at Napoli’s stadium.

Xavi took his Barcelona side to Naples for the return leg of their Europa League tie on Thursday, with the Blaugrana securing their place in the last-16 with a 5-3 aggregate win.

Since his return to Barcelona as their new head coach in November, Xavi has proven himself to be a clever tactician with a fine attention to detail.

And the La Liga outfit, who at several points in recent years have been on the verge of becoming falling giants, can now be optimistic about the future.

Barcelona are the bookmakers’ favourites to win the Europa League and have a squad filled with young talents including Frenkie de Jong, Pedri and Nico Gonzalez.

Couple that with a bright, young manager in Xavi and the future looks hopeful.


Xavi highlights ‘mistake’ in Maradona statue

Against Napoli, Barcelona took control of the second leg with two early goals that gave them a 3-1 lead on aggregate.

Two more goals followed in what was a statement victory.

Xavi managed to impress before the game even kicked off, though, when he was shown the Maradona statue inside the stadium that is named after the Argentinian icon.

Video footage shows the Spaniard pointing out how the statue shows Maradona controlling the ball with his right thigh, which goes against Maradona’s strongest side being his left.

“How pretty. The only problem is he’s carrying the ball with his right leg but he was left-footed,” Xavi said.

His revelation “blew everyone away”, according to Marca. Check out the video below.

Xavi’s point was spot on. Why does the statue show Maradona controlling the ball with his right leg, when he was so famous for the magic he produced with his left?

And why is Xavi seemingly the first person to notice?

It shows his keen eye for detail that it was the first thing he picked up on when seeing the statue.

Xavi has impressed so far at Barcelona

Of course, it’s early stages in Xavi’s time as Barcelona’s head coach but the more we see, the more impressed we are.

Upon his arrival, he introduced 10 new rules for his players and staff in a bid to establish some control at a club that had certainly lost its way in recent times.

Among the rules was the requirement for players to arrive 90 minutes before training started and the expectation that players must give their all in training.



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