The CONMEBOL World Cup qualification is reaching its climax.

While we’re familiar with European nations qualifying from their weak groups with relative ease, it’s a completely different story for South American counties.

Only four clubs from a table of 10 can qualify automatically for Qatar, while a fifth will enter an inter-confederation play-off.

A side that is now looking likely to miss out on the World Cup is Colombia.

They lost 1-0 to Argentina on Tuesday night thanks to a Lautaro Martinez goal.

It leaves them seventh in the table, four points off the playoff spot with just two matches remaining. That’s how damaging their loss to Argentina was.


Argentina themselves have already qualified along with Brazil – both the nations maintaining an unbeaten record. Ecuador and Uruguay occupy the other qualification slots with Peru currently in the playoff position.

Colombia will have to wait until next month to discover their fate – they face Bolivia and Venezuela during March’s International break in their final two fixtures of the qualification process.


But Argentina don’t care about that.

They extended their unbeaten run to 29 matches with their 1-0 victory.

In truth, it was a pretty poor match in which Emiliano Martinez picked up the Man of the Match award for preventing the away side from scoring – the seventh straight World Cup qualifier they’ve failed to score in.

And after the match, the Aston Villa was keen to celebrate with the home fans.

While Colombia goalkeeper, Camilo Vargas, was being interviewed following his side’s loss, Martinez can be seen in the background running around the pitch with the Copa America trophy.

VIDEO: Emi Martinez celebrates during Camilo Vargas’ interview

Did Martinez know he’d be in the background of Vargas’ interview? If it was any other player, we’d probably say no. But because it’s Martinez – who is becoming renowned for his sh*thousery, fans on Reddit believed he knew exactly what he was doing.

“With Martínez we have reached the peak of Argentine sh*thousery,” one wrote.

Another wrote: “Emi Martinez gives no f***s to the goalies union.”

“He knew exactly what he was doing,” a third insisted.

Another said: “Emi is my hero. His sh*thousery is next level.”

“Looks like Jamie Vardy now has a contender for “King of sh*thousery” title,” added another.

Argentina won the Copa America more than six months ago but it’s clear they still want to continue to celebrate their victory.

And who can blame them? Hey went 28 years without an international trophy and claimed the Copa America in empty stadiums.

Let them have their fun.


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