​Roman Abramovich has reportedly suffered symptoms of suspected poisoning, with skin peeling off his face.

​The outgoing Chelsea owner and Ukrainian negotiators were targetted after peace talks with Russia in Kyiv.

Abramovich and two senior members of the group involved in peace talks fell ill and are said to have developed symptoms.​

Image: PA

According to the Wall Street Journal, symptoms included red eyes and peeling skin on their faces and h ands.


Further reports claim the Russian billionaire also ‘lost his sight for several hours’ and was treated at a hospital in Turkey.

​The suspected attack is thought to be blamed on hard-liners who want to sabotage talks to end the war in Ukraine.

But it’s understood that Abramovich and the Ukrainian negotiators’ lives are not in danger and their health has since improved. ​

Analysts at Bellingcat state the victims experienced symptoms consistent with poisoning with chemical weapons.


President Volodymyr Zelensky​ has also met with Abramovich in recent weeks, but reports say he was unaffected.

The Russian oligarch handed Putin a handwritten note from Zelensky ​just days ago.

However, Putin responded to potential terms of a peace agreement in abrupt fashion as he reportedly told Abramovich: “Tell him I will thrash them.”

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