Liverpool added another trophy to their burgeoning cabinet over the weekend as they beat Chelsea in the final of the Carabao Cup.

Liverpool would retain their composure in a prolonged penalty shootout that looked set to stretch late into the night on a thrilling night under the renowned Wembley arch.

Kepa Arizabalaga eventually rocketed over to give Jurgen Klopp his first domestic cup victory since arriving in England.

The Reds went on to party until the small hours of the morning, with footage of their revelry circulating widely on social media.

However, one scene from the Liverpool celebrations captured everyone’s attention as a young lad was seen on the Wembley balcony with the team lifting the trophy.

Many people were left perplexed, wondering who the boy was and how he managed to acquire such special access to such a momentous occasion.

Well, we finally have an answer to the question after 11-year-old Beau Brown conducted a series of interviews about his heady night.

“So I have a black eye and Alisson noticed and asked me about it,” he began, speaking to the Express.

“That’s how I got talking to him. I just said, ‘I was playing footy, I went for a header and headed the kid’s head instead of the ball!’

“Then he lifted me up and took me with the team, I just felt like a player to be honest.

“Jurgen asked me about it too and Virgil and Mo Salah were laughing at me. Then they all shook my hand.”

“I wanted to get my hands on the trophy and I knew I was going to get my hands on the trophy,” he adds. It was dead heavy! It felt like I was lifting weights up.”

What an incredible gesture from Alisson and the Liverpool squad.

Beau’s father admitted it was just a surreal moment, and the deluge of messages he got on his phone in the seconds after the brilliant moment killed his battery right off.

“It was crazy, absolutely crazy,” he says. “Where we [Beau’s older brother was also in attendance] were standing, we couldn’t really see it but where people were firing the WhatsApps to me, I was like ‘wow’.

“I didn’t realise he lifted the trophy properly – like all the other players.”

It seems Beau has developed quite a taste for the limelight, especially after he opportunistically snatched the match ball after Liverpool’s Champions League clash with Porto.

Unreal – Beau is going to be the envy of young fans all over the world for years to come.


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