​Thomas Tuchel should be Prime Minister for his superb handling of Chelsea‘s situation, says Joe Cole who has showered the Blues boss with glowing praise. 

Tuchel has been extremely dignified and answered difficult questions as a result of Roman Abramovich​ putting the club up for sale.

The outgoing Chelsea owner has been sanctioned by the UK government, with his assets frozen – meaning the club is no longer able to sell new tickets, merchandise and negotiate new contracts with players.

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The Russian is looking to complete the sale and there is no shortage of potential suitors, with several American billionaires and Conor McGregor thought to be interested in acquiring the Stamford Bridge outfit.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding Chelsea, Tuchel has fronted up and guided his team to victories in the Premier League and FA Cup.

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Not to mention the Champions League, where his side booked their spot in the next round after beating Lille 4-1 on aggregate.

​Speaking after Chelsea’s win in France, Cole hailed Tuchel’s leadership and said he should be Prime Minister.

“​Then you see a football manager stepping up like that, talking like that, doing that and it is just a breath of fresh air. He should be Prime Minister,” he said. ​


“Going back to Tuchel’s leadership, we’ve been through such turbulent times and we’ve seen such poor examples of leadership throughout our society.”​

Tuchel even hit out at Boris Johnson and his official spokesman for condemning the club’s Abramovich​ chant.

In response to Johnson’s spokesman​ calling the chants ‘completely inappropriate’, he said: “I heard about it some minutes ago. I don’t know if these are the most important subjects to be talked about in parliament.

“If they are being discussed in parliament, maybe we need to worry about the priorities of discussion.”

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