FIFA are looking into the possibility of extending matches to up to 100 minutes, instead of 90, ahead of the World Cup in Qatar in November.

In recent months FIFA have come in for a lot of criticism after looking to make World Cups take place every two years instead of every four.

For many countries and fans that is just too much, although the idea has had some support from certain places in the world who would welcome more chances to qualify.

Now the world football governing body are risking more backlash to their plans for the tournament, as they look into introducing 100 minute matches in time for this winter.

According to Corriere dello Sport, via Foot ball Italia

, FIFA are looking to increase match time by 10 minutes, to combat the ball in play times during games.

Maybe soon the football clocks won’t stop at 90 minutes. Image: PA Images

The issues comes from the fact that the ball doesn’t actually stay in play for long in football matches, certainly not as long as might be expected.

According to the CIES Football Observatory, the ball only remains in play for 64.7% of matches in the Champions League, and that number drops to just 62% in the Premier League.


England’s top tier has the lowest percentage of the big leagues, although the Championship is even lower with just 57.2% of ball in play time.

FIFA are hoping to improve the amount of time that the game is being played by adding an extra 10 minutes, although it wouldn’t improve the percentages.

The World Cup clock counts down to the tournament. Image: PA Images

The idea is said to have come directly from FIFA president Gianni Infantino, whose presidency is set to run until next year, when he could run again for another four year term.

Playing an extra 10 minutes would still have to be approved by International Football Association Board. IFAB, who decide on changes to the rules.


In the past it has been suggested that football use a similar clock system to the one in rugby, where the clock is paused for stoppages so the game has more ball in play action.

As well as World Cups every two years and 10 minute longer matches, FIFA are set to introduce more teams at their tournament, with the 2026 edition in USA, Mexico and Canada to feature 48 sides in the finals for the first time.

Featured Image Credit: PA


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