Erling Haaland is built for the Premier League.

With Manchester City having agreed terms to sign the Borussia Dortmund poacher this summer, English football is bracing itself for the arrival of a potential Ballon d’Or winner.

We are, after all, talking about the man who boasts a jaw-dropping record of 86 goals in 89 games for one of Europe’s biggest clubs before there’s even 22 candles on his birthday cake.

Haaland coming to the Premier League

However, as with any move to the Premier League, there are always the overtired and clichéd concerns that they might not be able to adapt to the rigours and physicality of the English game.

And in fairness, while it has become something of a platitude, the likes of Angel Di Maria, Andriy Shevchenko and Radamel Falcao might argue that it’s not a complete fallacy.

Nevertheless, if there’s anyone who fits the profile of a top-class player who will take to the Premier League like a duck to water, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s Mr. Haaland.

Haaland’s physical profile

And one of the key factors making people so confident about that fact is the Norwegian’s physical profile.


Haaland certainly has all the traits of a man who can perform on a cold, wet and windy night in Burnley having matured into one of the quickest, strongest and most agile number nines in the men’s game.

In fact, as is the case with most everybody as they grow into their adult frame, Haaland has clearly transformed his physique – and for the betterment of his performances as a global superstar, too.

Football fans who have followed Haaland’s progress from his breakthrough at Red Bull Salzburg to his City transfer will no doubt have noticed exactly how his body has transformed over the years.

You only have to spend a few seconds scrolling down Haaland’s Instagram feed to have good reason to think that he’s far musclier and bulkier than he was during the early days of his career.

Haaland’s body transformation: Before



Haaland’s body transformation: After

Haaland on bulking up

Don’t believe us? Well, the man himself is reported to have confirmed the body transformation personally by revealing a weight gain of eight kilograms (17.6 pounds) focused on adding muscle.

According to a translation from talkSPORTSpanish publication AS quoted Haaland as saying in May 2021: “If you look at my body, if you look at my legs, you will see that I have changed a lot.


“I have become a real man. I have become faster. That is one of the most important things. I have gone from 86 kilos to 94, but it is not a beer belly, it is about gross muscle mass. I take great care of what I eat.”

Primed for Premier League success

Now, it goes without saying that there is no such thing as a perfect body in life or sport and there’s no guarantee that looking more muscly inherently makes you stronger and more efficient.


That being said, it certainly looks in Haaland’s case that there has been a conscious effort to bulk up – increasing his strength and speed – along with the general maturation of his physique.

And if all the clichés about the Premier League truly hold water, then Haaland could well be rubbing his hands together at the prospect of having all the tools to be a huge success in England.

Rival defences should be very, very scared.


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