Despite being the most watched division in the world and garnering interest from just about everywhere you can imagine, it’s far from easy for Premier League fans to get to games to watch their favourite teams live.

The Premier League boasts an immense global appeal and the teams occupying the English top flight are supported passionately by fans all over the world, who would consider themselves extremely fortunate to even get to one game at the home stadium of the English team they support.

For fans within England, supporting a Premier League side is deemed an easier and more straightforward task, living much closer to the iconic stadiums up and down the country.

Reality is much different, however. Stadiums can only hold so many people every week, and tickets are not only difficult to come by for many of the top sides, but also incredibly expensive when you can source a pair.

Prices for a season ticket are never friendly, and having to fork out season upon season is difficult. Upkeeping the card that grants you entry to watch your team at home all year long is a significant investment, and one that clubs make a lot of profit from.


It’s no surprise, then, that season tickets are priced to reflect that importance in profit they bring to clubs. Bloomberg UK have conducted some research and pulled together data on the price of the most expensive season ticket option at every Premier League club.

Starting with the price from the 2018/19 season, the data looks at whether or not tht price has increased in the seasons since, and what it currently stands at heading into the 2022/23 season. So, just how expensive is it to acquire a season ticket at every Premier League club for 2022/23?

The price of a season ticket at every Premier League club

Leading the way at the top of the table – although not the table they ought to be leading the way in – Tottenham and Arsenal boast the highest prices in the Premier League for their most expensive season ticket option.

Tottenham’s season ticket price has actually increased, too, with the £2,025 cost coming in ahead of the 2021/22 season. While they have frozen that price ahead of the 2022/23 season, 11 Premier League clubs have increased their ticket prices for the new campaign.

Astoundingly, 22/23 new boys Fulham sit third in the list with one of the league’s most expensive options, charging £1,050 for their most pricey option. At least fans are always getting their money’s worth with edge of the seat levels of drama, considering every season is either a relegation or a promotion battle.

Arsenal, after decreasing the cost for their season tickets in 21/22, have upped them once more to come in with the second highest price on the list of £1,839.


Wolves fans, meanwhile, have had to live with their season ticket prices increasing in back-to-back seasons. A card to attend Molineux would’ve cost £549 in 2018/19; it now costs closer to £786. However, this is a regular occurrence among recently promoted sides, who are trying to raise their standards and meet the demands of the top-flight.

Everton increased their season ticket prices last season, and with a new stadium on the horizon, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see those prices increase once more when they’re in their new home.

Only three teams in the top flight have kept their prices frozen since 2018/19; Manchester United, Liverpool and returning side Bournemouth.

So, quite the insightful list. If you see a Premier League season ticket in your future, then it’s best to start saving for it as soon as possible.


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