Thiago Alcantara has been labelled as ‘one of the most overrated players in Europe’ by former Reds midfielder, Dietmar Hamann

Hamann ripped into Thiago and questioned the Spaniard’s ability when the team is out of possession. The criticism has come as a surprise as Thiago has been a key component in Jurgen Klopp’s side this season.

Liverpool had a disappointing end to the season, they failed to add to their triumphs in the Carabao

 Cup and the FA Cup after narrowly missing out on the Premier League and the Champions League.

Thiago has played a huge role in Liverpool’s season, he has often been the man to control the game for Liverpool in the centre of midfield.

But Hamann is not convinced, he has urged his former side to add to their midfield ranks in the upcoming summer transfer window.

He told Sky Sports: “In my opinion, the Reds need to modernise the team a bit, especially in midfield, I don’t understand the hype about Thiago.”

Thiago Alcantara in action for Liverpool. Image Credit: Alamy

“For me he is one of the most overrated players in European football.”

“When things are going well and you have a lot of possession he’s a good player, but when push comes to shove you don’t see him. If you need someone who sets accents, then he doesn’t do it.”

He continued to speak about Thiago’s fellow midfielders, Naby Keita and club captain Jordan Henderson.

Hamann said: “[NabyKeita is also a disappointment, [Jordan] Henderson is a worker. They need a player who can make the difference and give the team that extra something.”

This isn’t the first time that Hamann has criticised Thiago, the German has questioned that whether Thiago was the right player for Klopp’s Liverpool, suggesting that he slows the game too much for Liverpool’s style.


Klopp perhaps unsurprisingly, backed his player. He said: “People were questioning if he suits our football?”

“Thank God these people don’t make decisions. It is more important Thiago wanted to join us and he knew how we played.”

“He is a real football person and thinks a lot about football. He knew how we played, and he knew he would fit in and we knew it as well.”

Thiago has now joined up with his national team ahead of Spain’s fixtures in the Nations League.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy


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