Pep Guardiola has attempted to defend the millions Manchester City spend by comparing them to Liverpool in the 80s and Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson.

City are one of the richest clubs in world football and are the dominant force in English football right now, having won three of the last four Premier League titles.

They’ve spent billions since the arrival of owner Sheikh Mansour and many have accused City of ‘buying success’ thanks to their ties to the Abu Dhabi United Group.

Tuesday saw City confirm they’d agreed a deal in principle for Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland and it re-opened the debate once again.

Guardiola spoke ahead of Wednesday’s game with Wolverhampton Wanderers and discussed the money aspect with Sky Sports.

“Listen, Liverpool in the 70s and 80s or United under [Sir Alex] Ferguson, who spent more money?” the 51-year-old asked. “Was it Norwich [City] or Leicester [City]? No, the money for them is completely different.”



Liverpool and United ruled the roost in those respective time periods and could afford to buy the best talent around the world.

Guardiola argues that is no different to what City are doing right now.

He continued: “When we put here [pointing to his shirt] Etihad, people say, ‘Oh it’s overpaid’.

“But now United and Liverpool are going to get paid maybe more than us, because maybe deserved because they are working well, because the CEO negotiated well, whatever happened.

“They get more and because it’s from the United States of America or another country – or the owners are – so now its perfect.

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“So that’s why it’s not going to change, for a long time it’s not going to change, that is the reality.

“The only way we can change is doing well on the pitch.”

City have a multi-year deal with Etihad Airways worth around £67.5 million.

That’s less than what Liverpool earn from Standard Chartered, with their renewal earlier this year netting them £80 million.


United, meanwhile, signed a lucrative £235 million, five-year contract with TeamViewer last year and they replaced Chevrolet this season.

City broke the Premier League transfer record last summer when they signed Jack Grealish from Aston Villa for £100 million.

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