Manchester City produced a stunning comeback against Aston Villa on Sunday night to wrap up the Premier League title.

Although the Citizens never actually let slip of first place, there was no escaping just how dramatic the final day of the 2021/22 campaign proved to be as Liverpool almost usurped their bitter rivals.

For a long time, it looked as though the Premier League trophy was there on a plate for Jurgen Klopp as City remarkably found themselves trailing 2-0 to Villa at the Etihad Stadium.

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Man City’s stellar comeback

Goals from Matty Cash and Philippe Coutinho had fired Steven Gerrard’s men into a shock lead, meaning that Liverpool simply had to win against Wolverhampton Wanderers to bag the title.

However, not only did the Reds fail to take the lead while City were still behind, but the reigning champions eventually rendered it irrelevant by staging a remarkable turnaround to win 3-2.


In the space of five breath-taking minutes in the second-half, Pep Guardiola’s men got their act together and blew Villa away courtesy of Ilkay Gundogan’s brace and Rodri’s superb finish.

And when Gundogan tapped home City’s third goal to wrap up the league crown, it ignited an atmosphere in the Etihad that can only be topped by Sergio Aguero’s very own title-winning moment.

How to make Gundogan’s goal even better

From the second the net rippled, you could just feel the tens of thousands of City fans celebrating at the top of their lungs reverberating out of your television screen in scenes of unbridled joy.

Incredible stuff, right? Absolutely, but there’s one thing that can be added to Gunodgan winning the Premier League title for City that makes it even more dramatic, spine-tingling and emotional.

And while that might seem impossible at first glance, anyone who’s been listening to the fabulous commentary of Peter Drury over the years will know that any incredible sporting moment can indeed be amplified.

Drury puts the cherry on top

That’s because Drury is the best in the commentary business right now and it’s not for no reason that he goes viral most weeks for making spectacular goals, saves and skills even sweeter.

And City’s dramatic comeback against Villa was no different with Drury once again attracting love on social media for calling the goal with unabashed passion and poetry from up in the gantry.

So, even if you’ve watched Gundogan’s goal 1,000 times already, rest assured that you’ll want to see it it for the 1,001st time with Drury’s commentary – and you can check it out down below:



Class. No wonder fans love him so much.

The best commentator in the business

There’s a lot to be said for the power of an elite broadcaster putting the cherry on top of a stunning sporting moment both in their effortless command of the English language as well as… silence.

Much like Martin Tyler’s legendary commentary for Aguero’s 2012 winner, Drury allows the pandemonium of the situation to breathe in the immediate aftermath of Gundogan finding the net.

You have the edge-of-your-seat drama of Drury loudly declaring the goal; a pause to soak up the atmosphere at the Etihad and then some trademark poetry to appreciate the magnitude of the situation.


At this point, it feels like no sporting moment has truly been experienced until you’ve listened to Drury’s commentary for it and you can rest assured that Gundogan’s winner was no different.


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