Thomas Tuchel is ready for Chelsea to be the “bad guys” in Saturday’s FA Cup final after agreeing with Pep Guardiola’s bold claims about Liverpool from earlier in the week.

The Reds go into the final knowing that a win would keep their slim hopes of achieving that historic quadruple alive.

Meanwhile, Chelsea will be determined to spoil the party to put a shine on what has unquestionably been a disappointing end to the season given how brightly they started.

Guardiola’s Liverpool accusations

Naturally, with such a monumental accomplishment seeming like a real possibility in recent weeks, the Reds have been getting plenty of plaudits across the media for the stellar season they have enjoyed under Jurgen Klopp.

Which, in all honesty, seemed to rattle his competitive nemesis and fellow managerial mastermind Guardiola.

Speaking after his side had thumped Newcastle United 5-0 to move three points clear in the league, the Man City boss made some spikey comments when asked about Liverpool in his post-match interview.

The Spaniard remarked that everybody in the UK wanted Liverpool to win the league – and even threw a cheeky dig aimed at their lack of Premier League titles.

“Everyone in this country supports Liverpool – the media and everyone,” he claimed.

“Liverpool have an incredible history in European competitions. Not in Premier League – they’ve won one in 30 years.”


The reporter pressed him further on the matter: “Do you really think everyone wants Liverpool to win the league?” he asked.

Guardiola answered: “Liverpool alongside United are the most important teams in history in terms of title and legacies. But I don’t care if people want Liverpool to win more than us. Maybe there are more people around the world and England support Liverpool more than us.”

Tuchel agrees with Guardiola

Guardiola’s comments caused quite the stir at the time and it seems that Tuchel sympathises with him.

Although, the Chelsea manager believes it’s his compatriot Klopp that has charmed the nation into backing his boys, rather than a deep rooted Liverpool bias.

Tuchel said: “Klopp is a fantastic guy,  a  funny guy,  one of the very best coaches in the world and that’s what he does.

“When he trained Dortmund, the whole country loved Dortmund. So now he trains Liverpool and you have the feeling the whole country loves Liverpool.

“It’s big, big, big credit to him and this is what you deal with when you play against him.


“It’s always like this but it’s always the fun part and so if we are the bad guys tomorrow, then no problem.

“Forty nine or forty per cent, then no problem. We take that role, we don’t want to have the sympathy of the country tomorrow, we want to have the trophy.”


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