Liverpool are outraged by the French government’s relentless assault of false accusations and have pledged to demonstrate how poorly their fans were treated during the Champions League final.

Liverpool’s chief executive, Billy Hogan, has been in communication with his colleague at Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, to share reports about what occurred to fans outside the Stade de France before and after Saturday’s game.

Footage has emerged of fans being crushed and mugged by local youngsters, with eyewitnesses claiming the gangs were in the thousands. Despite this, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin continues to blame Liverpool fans for the ensuing chaos.

Amelie Oudea-Castera and Darmanin again blamed Liverpool fans for the chaos at the Champions League final
They said 40,000 fake tickets were in circulation, although official figures show only 2,589 were scanned
French President Emmanuel Macron is said to be privately furious with Darmanin’s response

‘As I indicated earlier in the week, is just one of amazement, really,’ Hogan added. People are presumably aware that the senate committee meeting yesterday lasted three hours, so there’s still a lot for us to unpack.


‘However, given the body of evidence through video, photographs, and personal experiences – and this is not just from Liverpool fans, but from all fans who attended the match; media; English politicians; and people who travelled from literally all over the world to be at this match – which people have seen now across social media and other media channels. It’s simply complete incredulity.

On the claims that there were huge numbers of ticketless fans, Hogan added: ‘In regard to the accusations again that the numbers – 30 to 40 thousand fans – turning up at the stadium, this is the reason why we just keep asking for an open and transparent investigation into the details.

‘I said this earlier in the week, people are talking about details which haven’t been shared.

‘We haven’t had the opportunity to have that open investigation. And I just don’t think it’s appropriate for people to be making accusations until we’ve got all the facts.’

Hogan says they are in ‘disbelief and he wants an ‘open and transparent investigation’

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