Sadio Mane waves goodbye to the Premier League as a record-breaker.

With Fabrizio Romano slapping his trademark ‘here we go’ seal of approval on Mane’s move to Bayern Munich, Liverpool fans are now saying their farewells to one of their greatest ever players.

The Senegalese forward has scored more than 100 goals in England’s top-flight, winning the title itself in 2019/20 and even bagging the Golden Boot with 22 strikes the season before.

Goodbye Sadio Mane

All in all, Mane will justifiably go down as one of the finest Premier League players in history, elevating himself to world-class status upon making the leap up from Southampton to Liverpool.

However, it was with the Saints that Mane actually secured his aforementioned status as a ‘record-breaker’ for having delivered one of the craziest feats that the competition has ever seen.

Now, we have good reason to believe that you already know the record that we’re talking about, but hold that thought for a second because Mane’s stellar achievement finds itself in esteemed company.

The Premier League’s greatest records

That’s because we’re deciding to celebrate the top-line statistic of Mane’s lucrative stay in the Premier League by walking through 14 of the division’s records that will surely never be broken.

Using the Mirror’s very own list on this topic from 2019 as our springboard, we have placed Mane alongside feats from clubs, players and managers could endure for decades upon decades.

So, without further ado, be sure to check out the 14 Premier League records that we suspect might never be broken down below with the departing Mane fittingly leading the charge. Take a look:

1. Fastest hat-trick

(2 minutes, 56 seconds – Sadio Mane for Southampton vs Aston Villa, 16 May 2015)

You saw it coming, didn’t you? We’ll never truly get our head around the fact that Mane was able to obliterate Robbie Fowler’s very own seemingly-unbeatable record of scoring a hat-trick in four minutes and 33 seconds that lasted over two decades.

2. Longest spell as manager

(21 years, 224 days – Arsene Wenger – Arsenal – 1 October 1996 to 13 May 2018)

Yes, that’s right, the incumbent record holder isn’t actually Sir Alex Ferguson because we’re talking about the Premier League era alone. Either way, though, it’s hard to picture a manager ever lasting over 20 years in the current climate of trigger-happy sackings.

3. Most consecutive seasons scored in

(21 – Ryan Giggs – 1992/93 to 2012/13)

By the same token, it’s hard to imagine a player starring in so many seasons back-to-back again, never mind scoring in each one of them with the evergreen Giggs only losing his streak during his final ever year at Old Trafford.

4. Oldest player

(John Burridge – 43 years and 162 days for Manchester City vs QPR, 14 May 1995)

A different era. As much as timeless stars like Mark Schwarzer and Brad Friedel have given playing in their forties a good go over the years, it’s tough to see a near-44-year-old taking to the Premier League again amidst ever-increasing fitness standards.

5. Fewest points in a season while winning the league

(75 points – Man Utd in 1996/97)

In a time where Liverpool and City are churning out 90-point seasons like they’re going out of fashion, the fact that United ever conquered England with so few points on the board blows our minds. It’s very unlikely to happen again.

6. Fewest points in a season

(11 points – Derby County in 2007/08)

We have seen some truly dire teams in recent years with Norwich City, Huddersfield Town and Sheffield United all flopping in catastrophic style, but still nobody can get close to the crushing nadir of Derby’s one win, eight draws and 29 defeats.

7. Smallest title-winning margin

(0 points, 8 goal difference from Manchester City in 2011/12)

You only have to look at the fact that Liverpool and City’s title race last season came down to the final 10 minutes but still didn’t break this record to see that the ‘AGUEROOOOOOO’ carnage of 2012 will almost certainly stand the test of time.

8. Fastest goal

(7.69 seconds – Shane Long for Southampton vs Watford, 23 April 2019)

Bearing in mind how long Ledley King’s previous long-standing record seemed absolutely unbeatable, it will be even more difficult for somebody to come along and best Long’s very own blink-and-you’ll-miss-it strike.


9. Most goals by a player in one half

(5 – Jermain Defoe for Tottenham Hotspur vs Wigan Athletic, 22 November 2009)

Scoring five goals in a Premier League game is mental enough considering that only five players have ever achieved it, but Defoe went one better by doing it all in one half – and we certainly can’t see anyone bagging a double hat-trick in 45 minutes, that’s for sure.


10. Most consecutive games undefeated

(49 games – Arsenal – 7 May 2003 to 24 October 2004)

Try as the great Liverpool and City teams of recent years might, nobody can seem to come close to the near-half-century of games that Arsenal went without losing a single one.

11. Fastest goal by a substitute

(6 seconds – Nicklas Bendtner for Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur, 22 December 2007)

Anyone who’s seen the footage of the ‘Lord’ himself running onto the pitch in the north London derby and instantly nodding home from a corner knows that it will take something miraculous for there to be a five-second goal off the bench.


12. Fewest goals conceded in a season

(15 – Chelsea – 2004/05)

With only two teams having ever conceded fewer than 20 goals in a Premier League season, it’s near-impossible to imagine a side topping Jose Mourinho by only shipping 14 strikes. That’s just 0.37 goals per game, after all.

13. Most consecutive games played

(310 – Brad Friedel – 14 August 2004 to 29 September 2012)

Just… how…?! It’s staggering to think that Friedel was ever-present in eight full seasons across spells with Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur because it will take a near-immortal goalkeeper to ever top it.

14. Longest unbeaten record at home

(86 games – Chelsea – 20 March 2004 to 5 October 2008)

In order to truly comprehend the staggering invincible streak that Mourinho largely orchestrated, kindly remember the astonishing unbeaten run that Liverpool embarked upon at Anfield a few seasons ago. Yeh, that still fell 18 games short…

Will Mane’s record ever be broken?

We can’t be the only ones still blown away by the fact that Mane scored three goals in less than three minutes. That’s madness.

To think that even with all the celebrations and kick-off antics factored in that Mane was still able to smash Fowler’s previous, long-standing record by more than a minute and a half boggles the mind.

And we feel pretty confident that Mane’s place in the record books will be assured just in the way that we’re optimistic that nobody will score six goals in a half, go 50 games unbeaten or amass just 10 points.

Saying that, you never know when it comes to the Premier League, so it’s a good job that Mane can always fall back on the fact that he’s one of the greatest player that the division has ever seen.


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