Sadio Mane’s Liverpool departure is all but cut and dry as Bayern Munich look to finalise details on the deal with Liverpool.

When Mane does wave Anfield and the Premier League good-bye, it will mark the end of what has been a searing era for the Senegalese superstar on Merseyside.

It could be argued that Mane was the man that sparked the Jurgen Klopp revolution with his stunning debut goal against Arsenal.

He drove the Reds into the Champions League in his first season at the club before he then became part of one of the deadliest attacking trios on the planet.

Alongside Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah, Mane ran riot, picking opposing defenders apart with alarming ease as Liverpool ascended the mountain to win it all.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and, after 120 goals and 48 assists, Mane has decided to move on.


He will do so with the blessing of every single Liverpool fan though who will always remember him fondly.

Mane might have been a menace on the field, but he was one of the bona-fide nice guys off of it.

Never was that more on display than in late 2020 when Mane dedicated one of his goals to a fan’s grandfather.

As Liverpool rattled seven strikes past a hapless Crystal Palace, Mane was spotted celebrating one of the finishes in a rather unique way.

Earlier in the week, Mane had had video chat with a disabled Liverpool fan, and, being the legend that he is, Mane asked him for advice on goal celebrations.

The fan then showed Mane the celebration he would like him to do as a dedication to his grandfather who had sadly passed away.

Mane, of course, delivered, and you can see the brilliant moment in the clips below:




Just lovely

Mane will be truly missed on Merseyside but we can only wish him well as heads off to join the Bavarian giants.

Not only are they getting one of the best players in the world, but one of the nicest men as well.


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