Erik ten Hag is laying down the law at Manchester United.

With the Premier League giants still licking their wounds after a catastrophic 2021/22 season, change is afoot at Old Trafford and nothing short of a full-scale revolution will be enough to turn the tide.

That’s exactly why the arrival of Ten Hag feels so promising because United now have themselves a man with an incredibly refined footballing philosophy who upholds high standards while executing it.

Fascination with Ten Hag

All in all, it’s led to a situation where the Old Trafford faithful are hanging off every word that comes out of his mouth and every training clip that emerges of him during United’s pre-season tour.

It’s not because they have an unhealthy obsession with the Dutchman himself – at least, not the majority – but rather it comes from a fascination with his tactical approach, the machinations behind his project at the club.

It’s one thing to hear about Ten Hag’s regime through tabloid reports, but it’s another thing to see it with your own two eyes whenever the media are allowed to record the man himself in action.


And through the medium of open training sessions that have been available throughout United’s travels in Thailand and Australia, United fans have been afforded a peak behind the curtain at life under Ten Hag.

Ten Hag watches United training drill

In fact, Thursday presented yet another opportunity for fans of the Red Devils to familiarise themselves with Ten Hag’s tough demands and tactical nous as yet more footage hit social media.

This time, a video focusing in on Ten Hag while United conduct what looks to be a passing drill has caught the eyes of supporters because, well, the former Ajax coach wasn’t afraid to say it how it is.

That was especially the case when Ten Hag seemed to be criticising Zidane Iqbal, naming the United youngster before remarking that something about the drill was: “F***ing rubbish.”


As corroborated by the Daily Mail, Ten Hag can be heard shouting: “Keep the ball on the floor… Hey! Keep the ball! F***ing rubbish! Come on.”



No nonsense from Ten Hag

As you can expect, the latest insight into life under Ten Hag has gone down a treat with United fans who want the players to be treated a little more sternly having seemingly downed tools at times last season.

And while you can only gather so much from one X-rated comment, Ten Hag speaking his mind so openly in training certainly fits the narrative that he’s driving higher and higher standards out of United.


That, and the fact that he needs to get the squad up to scratch with playing out his footballing philosophy as the Premier League restart begins to loom. August 7 isn’t far away now…


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