Fans are ridiculing Barcelona after the club announced the extension of Ousmane Dembele’s contract via a shockingly poor video.

The Frenchman’s future at the club has been a key point of speculation for a while now, but earlier today it was confirmed that he will extend his stay until at least 2024.

The problem, though, is that the poor Barcelona fans who should have been celebrating keeping such a talented star at the club, have had their day ruined by one of the most basic announcement video’s you’re ever likely to see.

Dembele’s Barcelona career
Ousmane Dembele striking at goal for Barcelona. (Alamy)

Whilst it’s not always been plain sailing for Dembele since he joined the Catalan club back in 2017, it seems he still has the faith of the manager Xavi Hernandez.

His tally of 30 goals and 34 assists across his 150 club games isn’t the worst return in the world.


And when you consider the abnormally large amount of injury set-backs he’s had throughout his spell there, it’s not too difficult to envisage him developing into the world class player many expected him to be half a decade ago, so long as he can overcome them.

Besides, given Barcelona forked out over £100 million to secure his services all them years ago, they’d surely have been pretty aggrieved to sit back and watch him sign for a direct rival on a free.

Video: The announcement video

Nevertheless, if the unveiling of Dembele is anything to go by they couldn’t give two hoots…

Or maybe, as plenty of fans are suggesting on socials, they simply don’t have the pennies available to fund something particularly exciting for supporters to sink their teeth into.

The video begins with ‘Dembele 2022’ written on a whiteboard in what looks like your every day secondary school class room.

Dembele then appears in camera shot, shaking his head in dismay, before reaching for a tissue and proceeding to wipe off the final ‘2’.

He then reaches back for a marker pen and replaces it with a ‘4.’


I mean, really? Is that the best that they could manage.

It genuinely looks like it’s been produced by a group of school kids – in fact, that’d be doing a disservice to all the bright-minded young individuals around the world.

Maybe we’re being a bit harsh but it just reeks of a distinct lack of effort or care, which, to be honest, is entirely preposterous for a world leading football club.

It goes without saying, fans have been getting involved on Twitter in their droves so we’ve complied some of the best bits for you below.

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