Gary Neville could be seen celebrating like crazy next to Jamie Carragher during Manchester United 2-1 victory against Liverpool on Monday night.

Neville, alongside Carragher, was co-commentator for Sky Sports at Old Trafford as his former side beat Jurgen Klopp’s side with a brilliant performance.

After two defeats from their opening two matches, it was exactly what Erik ten Hag needed.

United took the lead when Sancho kept his cool inside Liverpool’s penalty area to sit James Milner on the ground before taking his time and sidefooting the ball into the corner past Virgil van Dijk and Alisson.

The roof came off Old Trafford as the home fans celebrated the opening goal like crazy.

And that included Neville.

The former right-back could be heard screaming in ecstasy as Sancho placed the ball into the corner in his latest ‘goalgasm’.

While Sancho showed composure, Neville certainly didn’t…

VIDEO: Gary Neville’s ‘goalgasm’ after Sancho puts Man Utd 1-0 up





And now, footage has emerged of Neville celebrating both of those goals in the commentary gantry.

Released by Sky Sports, the clip shows Neville’s wild celebrations during both of the goals – while Carragher doesn’t react at all!

VIDEO: Gary Neville celebrating Man Utd’s goals vs Liverpool


How Neville manages to compose himself to analyse each goal is remarkable. And how Carragher restrains himself from punching Neville is also impressive!

Mohamed Salah did pull a goal back for Liverpool but the home side held on for their first points of the season – three huge points.

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After the match, Neville admitted he was ‘proud’ of the United squad after their victory.

“I’m really proud as a Manchester United fan watching these players and I never thought I’d say that after the past few weeks,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“The fight, spirit and energy from Manchester United was brilliant.

“I’m absolutely stunned, I didn’t think that was possible. I couldn’t believe what I was watching in those first 45 minutes. I didn’t think Manchester United were capable. This is a massive turnaround.


“I don’t know what’s happened this week on the training ground, but they’ve responded. I don’t know what it is but I cannot believe what I have witnessed. They outrun Liverpool, they outsprinted Liverpool.

“That can’t be a one-off. That’s the standard they’ve now set, we’ve all seen the work ethic. They ran a lot more than they have done previously and played some good football along the way.

“The crowd were cheering after two or three minutes because of tackles and effort, not because of goals but because of challenges.

“They were under massive pressure those United players, so to respond to last week was a big moment for Ten Hag and the club.”



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