A man decided to perform Cristiano Ronaldo‘s iconic ‘SUIII’ celebration during a work meeting over Zoom, and it was a moment that brought a very mixed response from his colleagues.

David Moore, who works for Colorado-based soccer publication The18, was inspired by the TikTok trend where people recreated Ronaldo’s celebration at inappropriate times.

After thinking through the idea, he decided the next office meeting would be a perfect stage for his production.

Image credit: TikTok/The18

With the big moment fast approaching, David looked at his phone and ‘discovered’ Ronaldo’s achievement of becoming the highest scoring men’s footballer in international competition.

After the brace against the Republic of Ireland, he gave himself a big enough run-up before jumping around like the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.


Here is that moment.

@the18soccer Almost been a year since David hit the SIUUU in the middle of The18’s status meeting. It did in fact blow up. #blowup #blewup #ronaldo #cristianoronaldo #cr7 #siuuuu #viral #officelife #zoom #zoommeeting #soccer #football #futbol⚽️ ♬ original sound – ilyNIGHTMARES

So how did it go down?

“The reaction around the office was mixed,” David said. “Some people thought it was funny while others were less than pleased to have someone scream “SIU” at them unexpectedly.

“The moment of horror for me came when I looked at my screen recording and realised that no audio was recorded.”

That right. There wasn’t any audio in the original video after his blunder. In his own words, the devastation he felt was “indescribable” and “embarrassing”.


That being said, David managed to grab some audio from a random Zoom meeting in Santa Fe, as well as a Ronaldo’s “SIU” sound effect, to make the dream a reality.

According to David, just three other people on the Zoom call knew about his so-called ‘masterplan’, including his boss, a social media specialist and another member of staff.

“I promise that my “SIU” wasn’t anywhere near as impressive as Ronaldo’s,” he added. “So perhaps it was for the best that the audio cut out in the first place.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/The18


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