Arsenal’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary is released tomorrow (August 4) and we simply can’t wait.

We’ve already seen the first three episodes and this is what you can expect from them.

Several clips have emerged in the last few days to whet the appetite of fans.

One of which has certainly captured the attention of football fans.

It was supposed to help the players deal with the intense atmosphere on Merseyside.

VIDEO: Arteta plays YNWA in training before Liverpool game

“One of my crazy ideas… Today they are going to train with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ playing in the background,” he tells one of his coaches.

Speaking about the atmosphere at Anfield, Arteta said: “There is a word we use in Spain in cycling when a cyclist is going and looks amazing and, in one kilometre, he goes [Arteta gestures downward with his hand]. He looks stuck, and it’s a word called ‘bajara’.


“I had it once at Anfield. The game was going well and suddenly I could only see red shirts flying around, the game was passing all over me and I cannot react.

“People were saying ‘what is he doing?’ and I’m like ‘I cannot do it’ – I cannot emotionally, physically, I cannot cope. Everything was too fast. I only had that feeling in my career once and it was at Anfield.”

An innovative idea.

But did it work?

Well, it seemed to be working really well for the first 30 minutes.


Anfield was relatively quiet and Arsenal looked dangerous. Arteta’s gameplan was perfect.

But then in a moment of madness, Arteta ruined all of his preparation.

Sadio Mane challenged Takehiro Tomiyasu for a header and accidentally caught the Arsenal right back.

Arteta went mad on the touchline, believing Mane had deliberately elbowed his player.

It sparked an angry reaction from Klopp and the entire Anfield crowd as they responded to Arteta calling for Mane to be sent off.

Arteta was eventually booked for his protests but the damage had been done.


Anfield’s entire mood had changed and the match turned on its head.

Within minutes, buoyed by the transformed atmosphere, Liverpool took the lead from Mane himself.

In the second half, Liverpool blew Arsenal away with Diogo Jota, Mohamed Salah and Takumi Minamino completing a comfortable 4-0 victory.




Arteta on his clash with Klopp

After the match, Arteta was asked whether the flashpoint changed the course of the match which he, obviously, attempted to dismiss.

“I don’t know, I think the atmosphere was extraordinary right from the beginning and this crowd doesn’t need much, so I don’t think it made a difference,” he claimed.

One thing is for sure, don’t expect Arteta to get in any arguments with Klopp at Anfield this season. He won’t want to tally the Anfield crowd again.


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