Lionel Messi is one of the greatest, if not the greatest football player of all time and will be heading to Qatar with the rest of the world’s elite footballers for the World Cup this winter, with the most prestigious tournament in the game going to unprecedented levels.

There’s an inordinate amount of fanfare around any World Cup, with fans travelling thousands of miles across the globe to watch their country.

Well into his thirties, it’d be a surprise if this wasn’t Messi’s last World Cup, so realistically, Qatar 2022 is his last chance to fire Argentina to glory.

Panini Sticker Packs

One of the major pieces of merchandise around a major tournament like this is the iconic Panini Sticker collections that are released, pitting against your friends to swap your duplicates to be the first over the line with a complete collection.

As a child collecting the sticker albums of major tournaments was a thrill which made the actual tournament even more exciting, with some people still opting to try and complete the sets later in life.

However, when you first get your idol when starting out a collection as a child it’s one of the best feelings in the world, that one player you love more than anyone else can finally be stuck down in the book.


Lione Messi packed

An Argentinian boy has gone viral after he opens a pack, donning the national team tracksuit, ripping off the Qatar 2022 packet to reveal Messi is the first player in the pack, giving us an unbelievable reaction.

Who we presume is his father is filming him open the pack, with the child on the verge of tears when he sees the Lionel Messi sticker.

You can hear his dad get excited too straight away as the first rip reveals the start of his name, and he knows who his son is about to get in his pack. The boy then holds the sticker close to his face, basically in tears as he gets that one sticker for his collection he probably wanted from the get go.

Video: Watch the moment Lionel Messi is packed here

It truly is a beautiful moment and what the build-up to major tournaments is all about, we’ll all remember to joys and thrills of getting that one sticker for your collection that you wanted more than any other, with it being incredibly satisfying to peel the back off and line it up in the book, sticking it down and admiring!


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