A fascinating clip of Mikel Arteta talking about how he wants his wingers to receive the ball has emerged following Arsenal’s victory over Manchester United.

Arsenal’s enthralling win against United put them five points clear at the top of the Premier League with a game in hand.

Eddie Nketiah’s 90th minute winner at the Emirates felt huge.

Could this Arsenal side actually go on to win the Premier League title? They’re favourites to do so right now…

Arteta deserves an enormous amount of credit for what he’s created at the club.

The way that he’s transformed Arsenal’s fortunes is nothing short of miraculous.

He’s pretty handy tactically too.

Fascinating video of Arteta talking tactics

That much can be seen in a fascinating clip that has emerged following their victory over Man Utd.

The video, from three years, shows Arteta explaining how he wants his wingers to receive the ball.

Some of you that aren’t really interested in the tactical side of football might be starting to lose interest.

But trust us, it’s worth watching.

“Because I don’t like creating lines between the wide players,” Arteta explains.

“Why? Because the full back passes to the wide player like this. His back’s to goal. He can’t progress the play. There’s always someone at his bum. He cannot play forward.”


While Arteta is explaining how he DOESN’T want his team to play, the video shows clips of Man Utd’s attacks against Arsenal with Antony receiving the ball with his back to goal.

Several clips are then shown of Arsenal’s attack in Sunday’s match with Saka receiving the ball in a far dangerous position as he’s running towards goal.

“When you do it like this, the angles you create, you’re always receiving the ball like this.”

VIDEO: Arteta explains how he uses his wingers


Simple but genius.

It worked a treat during the Man Utd match too, as Saka caused all sorts of problems and scored a screamer during the 3-2 win.

Xhaka: Arteta has a plan Z

Following the win against United, Arteta was praised by Granit Xhaka for being incredible tactically as well as a person.

“I’ve had many coaches in my career, but never one like Arteta,” Xhaka said. “He seems like he is focused only on football 24 hours a day. He always has a plan A, B – and maybe even a plan Z. But he’s not only top tactically, but he’s also top as a person.”

Fabregas: Arteta has changed everything at Arsenal

Meanwhile, Cesc Fabregas praised Arteta for changing the entire mentality at the club.

“I was lucky enough to be at the training ground recently,” Fabregas revealed. “Everything has changed so much, it feels like the manager of the training ground is 95 per cent Mikel who has changed the whole thing.

“The perception of the club has changed. There are positive messages around the training ground, much bigger facilities, better equipment, the pitches, you name it.

“At the entrance, they have a symbol of an empty Premier League. He wants to show the message, we need to put it in there. Every day the players see the Premier League, but just the symbol, like an inspiration every day. He has changed the mentality of the club.”


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