Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the ultimate questions in the world of football, although for most, the debate is over after the diminutive Argentine led his country to World Cup glory, breaking personal records along the way.

But for others, the debate is still far from over, with Ronaldo having his own dedicated following, including internet sensation Speed, who has gone viral for following him around the world, but not getting to see him play.

He travelled to Old Trafford, but the well documented feud was keeping him out of the team, as well as flying out to Qatar to try and catch a glimpse of him for his national side, only for him to be benched.

Speed reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal

Ronaldo got the opening goal for Riyadh XI just after the half hour mark, converting from the spot before wheeling away and celebrating with his iconic ‘SIU’ celebration. You could hear the stadium join in as he was able score in the Middle East for the first time at club level, although it was an all-star team not his new outfit Al-Nassr.


One man who enjoyed the spot kick more than probably Ronaldo himself was Speed, the famous streamer who went viral for his Ronaldo fan boyying. A donation to his twitch chat asked him what team he supported, with his response being ‘Cristian Ronaldo, sewey’.

He went viral for the way he said his name and ‘SUI’, with him quickly picking up on it and making it a trait of his that he fawns over him, going through extreme lengths to see him play, we’ve even see him lose his mind when he was told Ronaldo knows who he is.

Video: Speed’s reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Riyadh XI

Speed was filmed during the game, probably for a vlog that will be coming out soon, but the reaction to him seeing Ronaldo score is something to behold, so thankfully has been doing the rounds on social media already.

He jumps in the stand and celebrates the strike, ironically, his leap is rather impressive, something similar to that of Ronaldo who is often lauded for his ability to get off the ground and reach unthinkable heights.

It’s a wholesome moment and one Speed will cherish, making those trips to England only for Ronaldo to be absent worth it.


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