Cristiano Ronaldo’s Epic Transfer Journey to Real Madrid

In a recent revelation, Ramon Calderon, the former president of Real Madrid, highlighted the challenges encountered during Cristiano’s transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Despite Ronaldo’s keen interest in moving to Real Madrid, Manchester United was initially hesitant to release him. This transfer, which was finalized in 2009 for a record-breaking fee of €94 million, remains one of the most significant acquisitions in the history of Real Madrid.

Ronaldo Was One Of The Foremost Players

At that time, Ronaldo was one of the foremost players in the English Premier League and had just won the prestigious Ballon d’Or. The negotiation complexities were primarily due to Manchester United’s reluctance to part with such a valuable player. Sir Alex Ferguson, the then-manager of Manchester United, was particularly wary of letting Ronaldo go.

Calderon shared in an interview with Madrid Xtra, “Securing Ronaldo was not overly difficult because he was set on joining Real Madrid. Convincing Manchester United was the tougher part.” He added, “Their initial resistance was overcome by December 2008, thanks to Ronaldo’s persistent interest and mutual efforts, allowing the transfer to be completed by the season’s end.”

Presently, Cristiano is with Al Nassr, having signed a contract that extends till 2025. He resides in Saudi Arabia, where he spends quality time with his family and continues to be a beloved figure among fans, despite recent game suspensions.

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Why did Manchester United hesitate to sell Cristiano?

  1. Manchester United was reluctant to sell Ronaldo because he was an exceptionally valuable player under Sir Alex Ferguson’s management, and his departure could have significantly impacted the team.

How much was Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer fee to Real Madrid?

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to Real Madrid in 2009 was completed for a then-world-record fee of €94 million.

What has Cristiano Ronaldo achieved since his transfer?

  1. Since his transfer, Cristiano Ronaldo has continued to excel in his football career, earning multiple accolades and maintaining his status as one of the world’s top footballers.

Where is Cristiano playing currently?

  1. Cristiano currently plays for Al Nassr, a Saudi Arabian club, under a contract that lasts until 2025.

What impact did Cristiano Ronaldo have at Real Madrid?

  1. Cristiano’s transfer to Real Madrid had a profound impact, enhancing the team’s performance and contributing significantly to their domestic and international successes.